Haftorah – Parshas Vayera

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Parshas Vayera
M’lochim 2 4:1
This week’s Haftorah reveals to us an incredible dimension of faith and its astounding result. Out of deep appreciation to a Shunamite lady’s hospitality the Prophet Elisha promised that she would bear a son. This startling prediction raised major concern due to her elderly state coupled with her physical inability of bearing children. Indeed, she sensed some reservation in Elisha’s words and expressed her strong desire that the child live a full, healthy life. (see Malbim’s comment to 4:14,16) Elisha responded by repeating his promise and predicting the date of her son’s birth. His promise was fulfilled and she gave birth to a boy on the exact date of prediction. When the boy matured, sudden tragedy befell him and he took seriously ill and died soon after in his mother’s arms. The Shunamite lady did not despair and immediately traveled to Elisha. Upon arrival she…

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