Messianic Thirteen Principles of Faith

Messianic Thirteen Principles of Faith
David Baron

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by Jorge Quiñónez
Messianic Jewish version of Maimonides’ “Thirteen
Principles or Articles of Faith” in Hebrew
Around 1913, Joseph Immanuel Landsman wrote a Hebrew Messianic
Jewish version of the Maimonides “Thirteen Principles or Articles of
Faith,” that is now standard in the siddur (Jewish prayer-book).1 Its
Hebrew title is Ikarei Emunatenu Hakedosha (Hebrew for “The
Principles of Our Holy Faith”). The Landsman piece is a pastiche or
parody (depending how you look at it; imitation is the best form of
flattery as they say) of the Rambam’s original.
It is virtually unknown to modern Messianic Jews. The version in the
pdf file includes a nearly century-old English translation by David
Baron from The Scattered Nation (1914) and the Hebrew original of
Landsman’s “Thirteen Principles” with a Yiddish translation at the
bottom of each page. At the end, it includes a transcription I made
of the Hebrew part only to print out a legible copy.
Such liturgy today among Messianic Jews is uncommon. Most
Messianic Jews today for various reasons prefer to employ the
simplified versions of the traditional siddur.
Maimonides is is also known as the Rambam, which is an acronym for Rabbi
Moshe Ben-Maimon. He lived in the 12th Century and is among the most
important Sephardic rabbis who has lived due to his literary works: specifically his
philosophical and legal writings.

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