18 Blessings

The Standing Prayer”

“O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare Your praise.” (Psalm 51:17)
Worshipful are You O LORD our God, God of our forefathers; God of
Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob; the great, powerful, and fearfully
awesome God, the Supreme Authority, Who benevolently bestows
loving-kindness and is Possessor of all; Who recalls the kind devotion of the
patriarchs, and brings a redeemer to their children’s children. King, Deliverer,
and Protector: Worshipful are You O LORD, the Shield of Abraham.
You are eternally valiant O LORD, abundantly able to save;

During drier season: You cause the dew to descend;
During rainy season: You cause the wind to blow and the rain to descend;

You sustain the living with devoted kindness, revive the dead with abundant
compassion; You heal the sick, release the bound, and You maintain
faithfulness to those asleep in the dust. Who is like You, O Almighty?
Who is comparable to You, causing death and restoring life?
Worshipful are You O LORD, Who revives the dead.

Once the leader arrives to the “Qedusha” during the repetition, the congregants are permitted to
return to where they stood in prayer prior to taking 3 steps back;

We will sanctify and adore You, and express Your holiness three-fold, as stated by Your prophet,
“and one called to the other saying:” Holy! Holy! Holy is the LORD of hosts; all the earth is
filled with His renown. And facing them they give forth praise saying: “Worshipful is His
Honor, the LORD, from His position [of transcendence].” As stated by David, Your righteous
anointed one: “The LORD shall reign everlasting; Your God O Zion, from generation to
generation; hallelu Yah!” From generation to generation we shall declare Your greatness;
from everlasting to everlasting we shall sanctify Your holiness; and Your praise shall not depart
from our mouths, for You are a great and holy King; Worshipful are You O LORD, the Holy
God. (During the Days of Awe: “…the Holy King.”)

Leader continues repetition with “You grace man…”

You are Holy and Your Name is Holy, and holy ones praise You every day;
Selah. Worshipful are You O LORD, the Holy God.
(During the Days of Awe: “…the Holy King.”)

You grace man with knowledge and teach mortals comprehension; grace us
with knowledge, comprehension, and discernment from Yourself.
Worshipful are You O LORD, Gracious bestower of knowledge.

Return us, our Father, to Your Torah; bring us near to Your service; and return
us with total repentance before You. Worshipful are You O LORD, Who
desires repentance.

Forgive us, our Father, for we have done wrong; Pardon us, our King, for we
acted wicked; Worshipful are You O LORD, gracious and abounding in

Look into our affliction; champion our fight; and hurry to redeem us.
Worshipful are You O LORD, Redeemer of Israel.

Heal us, O LORD, and we shall be healed; deliver us, and we shall be saved.
Worshipful are You O LORD, Healer of the sick of His people Israel.
During drier season:

Bless this year, O LORD our God, with all types of produce and blessing, like
the best of years. Worshipful are You O LORD, Who blesses the years.
During rainy season:

Bless this year, O LORD our God, with all types of produce; and give dew and
drizzling rain on the face of the earth, and satiate the whole world with Your
goodness, like the best of years. Worshipful are You O LORD, Who blesses
the years.

Sound a great shofar for our freedom, and raise a banner to gather us.
Worshipful are You O LORD, Gatherer of the dispersed of His people Israel.
Restore our judges as at first, and our advisers as in the beginning; Worshipful
are You O LORD, the King who loves righteousness and discretion.
(During the Days of Awe: “…the King of judgment.”)

For the apostates, be there no hope; uproot and ruin the dominion of highhanded
sin, quickly in our days. Worshipful are You O LORD, Who breaks
the wicked and humbles high-handed sinners.

May Your compassions be upon the righteous, the devout, and the upright
proselyte, O LORD our God; and give good reward to all who trust in Your
Name; may they not be shamed. Worshipful are You O LORD, Reliance and
Assurance of the righteous.

Dwell within Jerusalem Your City as You spoke, and rebuild her.
Worshipful are You O LORD, Who builds Jerusalem.

Cause the ‘Sprout of David’ to sprout forth quickly, and by Your deliverance
lift his pride. Worshipful are You O LORD, Who sprouts forth the pride
of deliverance.

Hear our voice O LORD our God; pity and have compassion on us; receive
our prayer with compassions; and in Your abundant compassion fulfill all the
requests of our heart. Worshipful are You O LORD, Hearer of prayer.

Favor Your people, O LORD our God, and their prayers; restore service to the
inner chambers of Your Temple; and accept the prayers and fire-offerings of
Israel with favor; may the service of Israel always find favor;

[Insert New Moon & Biblical Holiday Additions

and may our eyes behold Your compassionate return to Zion, that we find favor as of
old. Worshipful are You O LORD, Who restores His “Dwelling” in Zion.

We give You thanks, that You are He Who is, the LORD our God, forever and
ever; for our lives committed into Your hand, our souls entrusted to You, and
for Your miracles and compassions that are at every moment, evening and

[Insert Hanukka & Purim Additions]
For everything, be worshiped and exalted, for You are One Alone; and there is
no other beside You. Worshipful are You O LORD, “Most Benevolent” is
Your Name, and it is fitting to give You thanks.

When the leader reaches ‘We give You…’ during the repetition, everyone bows a bit, saying:
We are grateful to You, O LORD our God, God of all flesh, our Maker – Maker of all
creation; praise and thanksgiving be to Your great and holy Name – that You gave us life and
sustain us; and so may You continue to grant us life and sustain us, and gather our exiles to
the Courts of Your Sanctuary, to keep Your statutes, do Your Will, and to serve You
wholeheartedly; For this to You we are grateful.

When no Kohanim are present, the leader recites the following immediately before the blessing of
‘Place peace:’

Our God, God of our forefathers, bless us with the three-fold blessing of the Torah, given to
Aharon and his sons, the priests of Your holy people, as it is stated: “The LORD bless you and
keep you; the LORD make His countenance shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the LORD
lift up His countenance upon you, and grant you peace. And they shall place My name upon
the sons of Israel, and I shall bless them.” (Num. 6:24-27)

Kohanim begin making their way to the front once the prayer leader begins the blessing “Favor
Your people…” They wait standing in the front facing the ark, with backs to the congregation and
hands in a fist. Once the leader finishes the “We give You Thanks” blessing, the Kohanim turn
towards the congregation, spread out their fingers, and lift their hands shoulder high. If only one
Kohen is present, he begins the Priestly Blessing of his own accord. If more than one Kohen is
present, the leader calls out, “Kohanim,” and they respond “Yevarekhkha.” The remainder they repeat word for word after the leader:

yevarekhkha, Adonoi, w-yishmerekha; (Cong: Amen)