We Have 4 New Years

Rosh HaShana 2a

Rosh Hashana (New Year18 Rosh Hashanna 2a-35a

Talmud Yerushalmi (Aramaic/Hebrew)

Mask A New Year period

A page, a period of a year went to a   four prime years are the first of Nissan New Year for kings and festivals in one of Elul, Rosh Hashana tithe cattle R. helpful R. Simeon says one of Tishrei:

Page A, A CHAPTER went a Talmud   is written (Exodus L) in this new for you the new you is not prime and not head for not omit and its tributaries and plant trees and vegetables and tell you he is the head is not for kings and festivals. Rabbi Yaacov Bar Aha R. chair to which the name of R. Yochanan spelling (Chronicles c) and will begin to rebuild the other two in fourth year of his reign knocked of four of his reign two months what two months of not count only from Nisan even two in the fourth year of his reign does not count only from Nisan. Or is merely rebuilt every place is said rebuilt interpreted. Or not until years on Saturday we did not find this account from the Torah and whether written (Genesis) And there was evening and there was morning, Monday Mbriito policy, no world.And hey law is both new and hi-law is two years Rabbi Hanania R. Mene one said second will rebuild it two new two for two years and even Hauran Elite will pass in anything. RS Bar Crsna name of R. Aha heard her from Hada (Exodus L) you rarely this new sun is you rarely minority of a minority, including kings and legs.

Page A, in Chapter I went to a Talmud   and Yerba years and fallow and its tributaries, and planting and vegetables is Da”r Yaacov Bar Aha R. chair to which the name of R. Yochanan and will rebuild the other two in four of his reign knocked of four of his reign two months what two months of not count only from Nisan Although the two that in four of his reign does not count only from Nisan. Rabbi Yona Rabbi Yitzchak bar Nachman name of R. life of Joseph and will begin to build in the second month of this two new two for two years and when he says in four of his reign knocked of four of his reign two months what two months of not count only from Nisan even two in the fourth year of his reign does not count only from Nisan. Give Samuel Pligg (Ex) month of the third to leave the children of Israel out of Egypt Who does Bonino new exodus from Egypt. I have nothing but new years where (Numbers i) God spoke to Moses in the Sinai desert second year, I can not but an hour generations where (Kings) and it came to pass oils year and four cubits years to get out of the children of Israel out of Egypt etc. Msnbna house started Moonyeen our children. (Kings I) and it was twenty years later that Solomon built the two houses etc. not were appointed to our children started Moonyeen craps. (Ezekiel from) Bc”h year Lglotino new decade New Year etc. were not appoint himself began Moonyeen crowned written (Hgii a) in second year of Darius (Dniiel s) in three Cyrus king of Persia.And said second will begin to rebuild both his reign knocked in four of four of his reign two months what two new Nissan does not even count only the fourth year of his reign two do not count only from Nisan. See help in the name of R. Hanina even the kings of the nations do not count only from Nisan (Hgii a) On the sixth in the second year of Darius (Zechariah a) eighth in second year of Darius said eighth in three. Haifa said eight were originally told but there is no chronological Bible. IR Jonah spelling (Hgii b) and now, I pray you, from this day and above, from before any stone to the Shrine of the Lord God how the sixth of the institution eighth Bible said that. No names have already spiraled up health Haifa said no name no spiraled Haifa did not say anything . extendable CAD Rabbi Isaac and spelling (Genesis h) and it was one of the first six centuries of the month and give increased year flood does not exceed the quorum

Page B, A, Chapter I went to a Talmud   resolved with R. Elazar Dr. Elazar says Tishrei the world was created and spelling (Nehemiah a) and it was the month of Nisan of twenty (there) and it was the month of Kislev of twenty resolved with R. Eliezer Rabbi Elazar said all year that came into her No Moonyeen thirty days of the year complete. And spelling (names of) and it was the first month in the second year of the month Tabernacle was erected. No spiraled up of a third is by not entered thirty days no Moonyeen her whole year. And spelling (Numbers j) and it was the second year of the second month, twenty new one and whether Ethan cell Hmshin old and there Moonyeen her whole year Hada from Ttovth Dr. Isaac Dainin McShane between Mann Damar Nissan Moonyeen the Mann Damar Tishrei Moonyeen what Binyahun said Rabbi Yona bills out Binyahun. borrowed lender Bayer and wrote her second kingdom has sold Cheshvan, and wrote her second Kingdom of Mann who said that Nissan Moonyeen lender preceded MD Tishrei Moonyeen sales progress. How dead kings and Bader Bader was one of the king of this year and years for this. IR dove and coming to Nissan pretty well Hada (II Kings o) and reigned in Samaria moon days

On page, in Chapter I went to a Talmud   do not have to stand on the two kings of Israel, but of the two kings of Judah and the two kings of Judah but from two kings of Israel. Written (I Kings B) and the days that David king over all Israel forty years, etc. and it is written (II Samuel e) In Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem, King etc. and in particular at all, omitting redundant. Rabbi Yitzhak Bar cutting the name of Rabbi Yona thirty-two and a half were only for pay homage to Jerusalem he was appointed to the same perfection Rabbi Yehuda me say a multiple account swallows account diminished. IR Samuel bar Nahman (II Samuel G) and fill your days was that God told him David Cabbage rolls days I count you I do not list your days miss your son Solomon builds the Temple sacrifices, but I like your justice and righteousness than all the sacrifices it is written (Proverbs u) did righteousness and justice was elected to the Lord altar. Rav Huna said all those six months, was David runs away from his son Absalom was atoned layman hairy. IR Yuden me Rabbi Shalom spelling (Kings k) that the six new sat Joab and all Israel God said to him I told you (Deuteronomy b) to provoke them and requested to provoke in them life that are Nimnin you. Tana Mann said legs RS Dr”s only three feet usher forget Pesach Sunday Times said five times four times C.Before five before the holiday rally before Passover three four. Rabbi help me only Rs said last Pesach forget said three times a year times one times. And CCC feet hit him first, and only take him a whole year’s legs. Spelling (Leviticus W) except Saturdays God and besides your gifts etc. Who give to God what is written can no closer on foot but only leg victims where the only victims and victims come on foot dedicated public devoted leg foot before foot come Talmud say except Saturdays God. Who let her, those birds and all offerings including Kanovich foot Shiho can say Talmud Authority (Numbers CC) these do God Bmoadichm duty Shiho those we set foot Kanovich all. can some foot wants TL (Deuteronomy L) and come there and bringing them to put whether to allow her name but it’s the first leg hurt him. If one can pass them. Nor has be going through because Bell late Talmud tell those you do to the Lord Bmoadichm Rabbi Shimon says three feet in order, how to vow before Passover to take his Passover and rally Holiday vow before the rally to take his rally holidays and Passover and rally Holiday vow before the holiday to take his holiday and Passover and rally holidays.

Page C, A CHAPTER went a Talmud   LT R. Ila to do Don made ​​no quorum is written (Deuteronomy L) and come there and bringing them to put what Annan Okiimin if he did it already should not matter unless you did not let the matter without a will. Pesahim at the time what passes forget let Pesahim at the time passes. Real So what Annan Hamrin. IR Samuel Beria Dr. Jose me see Bon not say that if lost and found because its owner has redeemed his whole battle. To Don should Pesahim at the time what would pass. LT R. Zeira from one foot to what passes extendable CAD R. come and give a celebration that close to the first Tikrb two and who permit it to pass and more from Hada (Deuteronomy W) And you made ​​will be saved without do anything he goes on doing and will do is not to take it Tuesday infantry. R. Avin called Rabbis Dtmn Baumer I must go up for both Saturday since Saturday came and brought two passes. Solomon sleep the last day drops and passes all day.

Third page, in Chapter I went to a Talmud   no lice spent three feet to drop the last leg and passes on each leg and foot. See Boon Bar entire life mainly allowed peace rally sleep is not kosher and employees. Hada (Exodus W) not Yellin milk and holidays to visit the sand Imor Kanovich century. IR existing SHL Telemedicine XIV Abahu be on Saturday. There is no celebration comes with it. You said Torah Hkribhu still day not to come over to Bell Talin and Ahacha not Hkribhu still day Bell will come to be late. IR Hinna which has brought that is not kosher because if passed, bringing kosher passes. Written (Deuteronomy i) before the Lord thy God Taclno year year year he and bread for which years and years for a handicapped debut year and change temples. Year teaching oldest eaten for two days and two years of where Abidat Sohto on New Year’s Eve and eaten on Rosh Hashanah this year. Let Rabbi Ishmael was born with a malformation Tu day in his sleep after sleep may hold up to Tu day IR Ila mean

Page D, A CHAPTER went a Talmud   that sleep of a pale defect lumbar IR Llosa ‘Msiiaa R. Ila this long elder may hold even D-five years until his appearance expert what Annan Okiimin If God bread unless you already should not matter of bread not let the matter for a handicapped. One of the reactor and of all endowments moves them away legs without annually without legs so be it legs without annually without legs Taman Hamrin be resolved was lack of time for Passover. how much ensured he said Taman should to some years worth Packaging should off Ahacha should to some Passover is worth all of it. IR Abba Mari resolved was a rally following the five and was born six and was a rally next seven R. Boone bar life Shaba comic R. minor spelling (Leviticus AA) not visit between good and evil has visited what passes He said to him everything that came permit does not go through what came to be allowed here Torah allowed to spend with Mumin. Taman Tninn on the eighth day brings three animals sin and guilt and costs, and the poor would bring a sin offering and the burnt-offering chicken chicken. And sin no chicken without time or at fault here allowed IR helpful lack of time to devote Torah. Rabbi Bar Mammal Shaba was comical see my mother

D. Page, in Chapter I went to a Talmud   text (Numbers) and eighth came past and did not bring to pass what He said to him everything that came permit does not go through what comes permit is helpful here as R. Torah allowed to devote lack of time. Rabbi Yossi me see every seven Boone tells him no where and then on the next he says next waist, Fliga the Rabbi Yossi me see Bon Kolhm Mtkoonin and they bring Krvenotihn foot. Okay leper monk is not for lack Kippur and whether Tninn praise and joy she Benazir eight solved. R. Zachary-laws Dr. Levy mainly Risha donkey Ftrin Benazir and refined the leper. IR Ananias Beria Dr. Hillel not been Aittbt Taman said Rabbi Yose held R. Abodma inferior priests Seir Of Ahacha priests Seir. Rabbi Hgii Shaba comic Rabbi Yose spelling (Leviticus l) and on the eighth day the past or Mel He said to him (Deuteronomy W. ) that the frequency vow to the Lord your God, do not be late to pay anything out of this can be Ltslumin non Ltslumin. do not be late paying and departing suit Hada (Leviticus q) and open the tabernacle and did not bring the suit. IR Jonah

The page, a section A went a Talmud   interpreted Levi ben Sissi comic Rebbe says I must have passed it up and brought three other infantry and sacrificed immediately I would say the first released from the Mimar vom not also have to pay late and not a replacement. IR Llosa if I said I must soon as it goes, but yes Annan Okiimin Baumer it is up and went over it in feet and brought another under it and sacrificed immediately and moved her leg Tuesday I’d say join with consideration three feet vom also have Mimar not be late paying and the exchangers. (Deuteronomy W) that is required Idrsno those sins and blame the Lord thy God in this sanctuary checked the house from you this compilation forgotten and Pia (there) and would you sin not Bkrvenc sin. Real So what Annan Hamrin. IR Samuel creature Derby Llosa me R. Boone would not say whether vom unacceptable sacrifice Mimar and also have you sin you would not Bkrvenc sin. (Name) find your lips will preserve thou shalt be saved, and you did warn Beit Din Shiasoc. Rabbis Dkisrin name of R. Avina i beg pledge (name) when’re vowed to the Lord your God handout. And vow is called a handout but require all vow and vow and every charity and alms. Failure It Vander said that says I must indicate and which the charity said that says it is increasing. R. Hama Hbryahun rabbinic Ai said I must repeatedly said it is. Rabbi Hinna in kind not Versa rather not say it is, and he repeated it leaves serious prohibition applies to the prohibition easy. No Easy prohibition applies strictly forbidden. Add them wages homes and contribution dollars. Wages homes IR Jonah and he said this year but if he said one year gives from time to time. And seeking NIS is Da”r Shmuel Bar Yitzhak the start (names of) and it was the first month in the second year in one of the newly established Tabernacle and give increased on the Mishkan was erected on the same day was donated donation. See Tavi R. Josiah called Kahane said here months and stated below new what new was said The following do not count only new Nissan also said here do not count only from Nisan. IR Jonah Beck R. Tavi her head and said yes Chdai Sofa Real departing (Numbers power) this new rose after month can be a new contributor to all new TL One month after month the Renewal He donates all months of the year can on this island wants new here and new states and new states below what is said below new count only no new Nissan also said here do not count only from Nisan. Taman Tninn RM means first of Elul Rosh Hashanah tithe cattle Ben Azai says

The page, in Chapter I went to a Talmud   Haloliim Mtasrin in themselves. Said Chief parked flavors Dr. Meir up here They are not a child of the old mechanical onwards they start the new child.Rabbi Yossi me see Boone called multi parked Because it is called Dr. Ezer Rs. (Psalm total) were wearing Karim sheep are senior and valleys wrap bar even asked to associate even sing. Both types Ncnsin Dir get rich. Said Ben Azai Since these say so and those says that Gorge Haloliim Mtasrin in themselves. God how He had a five Av-five Elul and five Tishrei are Mtztrafin He had a five Av-five Tishrei the ones Mtztrafin mean that Ben Azai member and a student had to Rabbi Akiva and Ben Azai crucial to the words of his students. See Jeremiah R. shall bear the name of Rabbi Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak since divided her fathers World Man whack Fathers World Give R. Jonah comic R. Jeremiah Rabbi Ishmael and Rabbi Akiva. I mean Ben Azai student and member was Rabbi Akiva no spiraled interest Eitan Bar Nash said to interest since these said yes and they said yes. See Abahu name of Rabbi Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak heard from Hada said Ben Azai on Hhlokin we Mtztarin but you’ve come to divide us Hswein mean Ben Azai friend and disciple was Rabbi Akiva no spiraled Propagation Eitan Bar Nash said breeding. Taman Tninn one Bstri until September the fees are Mtztrafin five before the New Year and five after the New Year are Mtztrafin five before and five after the threshing floor threshing the ones Mtztrafin then why did they say three Granot tithe cattle that did not reach the barn is allowed sell and slaughter slaughter came barn or slaughtered not exempt. IR Llosa mean ten animals did it not Hunt and about one-third do not spiraled forwarded Hunt was given on September fees No spiraled about a third are provided to all who are born in twenty years. See my name in the name of R. Boone bar about a third of her life made ​​him Rs Dr”s said lack of time went into the pen to get rich. R. Mene up with R. My name is AL You said Hada Molta and whether Tninn Ben Azai says Haloliim Mtasrin in themselves. Not even born until September’s fees.Ait Ben Azai you Mimar Rs Rabbis is not. A few ensured told the rabbinic drops them and We enriched next year and Mtasrin with their given also the Dven Azzai said the next and drops them in barns with their Elul Mtasrin. Said Chief parked mean days oldest lack of time which Aolin him in his sleep. Said Rabbi Mana R. Jonah heard her father from Hada (Deuteronomy p) each elder who was born to visit you and flock male revered the Lord thy God from the time of birth how to counter him:

The page, in Chapter I went in a year   for one of Tishrei RH and shemitah years and its tributaries and planting

And Page, a period of a year went by   and vegetables in one tribe New Year for Trees according to the House of Shammai and Beit Hillel says it needs Tu him:

Page, and a period of a law in Talmud   years where it says (Exodus W) Holiday Harvest At the close of the year and it says (Exodus LED) holiday harvest period of the year ever this is new that has holiday period and harvest and year out in this island is this Tishrei No Eitan Tevet spiraled up period and Elite School School Holiday and Harvest Nissan Ethan does not spiraled School Elite School holiday period Asif Tammuz Ethan spiraled no school time and harvest, and Elite School holiday and it is this Tishrei. Hamrin Hbriia comic R. Jonah and will Tammuz said failure spelling in the seventh month and a donkey Hamrin prepared. Hamrin Lia and will Tammuz said failure where and tender new names to many Ali Da”r amnesty new names rose in hand Babylon. First moon titanic where they were born fathers died fathers were enumerated mothers. First (Kings) and Moon Ball which raised Noble and the country may borders borders . which include animal in the house. I (name) moon Ziv where Ziva of the plant world are recognizable and trees are recognizable. Where and tender (Nehemiah b) and it was the month of Nisan of twenty (Nehemiah a) and it was the month of Kislev of twenty (Esther) with a new one tenth is new Tevet. Rsb”l also said the names of the angels took Biden Babylon. First (Isaiah f) and volley me one of the seraphim (there) resins are standing above him where onwards (Dniiel i) the man Gabriel (Dniiel j) that if Michael wrinkled. Omitted where (Dev) Seven years later she dropped what years do even the sabbatical Tishrei Tishrei. Where Jubilee (Leviticus) and tells you seven weeks of years seven times what years and sabbatical Mstri even ages Tishrei Tivon and spelling (there) and the transfer has been improved fanfare in the seventh month, etc. “. R. Jonah and R. Jose Tryahun name of Rabbi Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak to Shiho equalizer all months of the year a new one will not be divided attention ‘years Tivon and Htninn one tribe Beer RH H Trees words in the Tu say no new year, new equalizer each divided attention ‘years. How to Give planting planting and Hmbrich and component L. day before Rosh Hashanah and cost him a whole year could be held in the seventh as Mel, the day before Rosh Hashanah and cost him a whole year must not uphold the seventh but said this planting fruits are forbidden to Tu. From ” I see the chair to which the name of R. Yochanan (Leviticus) and in the fourth year.

Page and, in Chapter I walked in Talmud   what the HS Rabbi Zeira (Leviticus) three years will not eat you uncircumcised and year. Said Rabbi Bar Mammal comic come see are things Bsnto tiny thirty days before Rosh Hashanah but if planted less than thirty days before Rosh Hashanah. Aita Hemi whole year not cost him and said prepared. AL and no lice and even planted thirty days before Rosh Hashanah will be forbidden till the day before Rosh Hashanah. May Don IR Mene because he stands in his sleep of Ilan completes his sleep. How compilation vegetables from Israel on the eve of Rosh Hashanah until dark and pagan Mshachsichh ten than its own and that by itself. See R. Ila R. tiny help in the name of Rabbi Hoshaya One said had left most of the material for the whole year and already most of the time outside and wrath said to here are a swimmer from last year where and walked both swimmer from next year and Idaen Mann said da Mann said Da from what Da”r chair to see Ila R. helpful name of R. Hoshaya material has been out most of the year and already most of the time outside Hui said Rabbi tiny two up here are a swimmer from last year and where they swimmer who walked next year. LCA-made capsule citron and gave it entails materials H materials. And why would I even all the other citron tree. Let Rabbis Gamliel as materials and hardware RA Rabbi Gamliel and Rabbi will help the Db”h Whack O. IR Llosa me Rabbi Bon resolved before Tu Bishvat Hunt’s second and third went to me Durban Gamaliel Aisuri poor to me that Dr. Eliezer Aisuri two.

Page G, A Chapter I walked in Talmud   What did read there about ten again Padilla and gave to the poor:

Page G, Chapter I went to a third year   was sentenced to four chapters world grain rally Passover on the fruits of trees and New Year everyone in the world When we passed in front of him as Ron said (Psalm lag) with their creator understands their actions and to all the holiday is judged on the water:

Page G, A Chapter A third went Talmud   Ethan stipulation let Kolhm judged on Rosh Hashana and the sentence of each one below Rosh Hashanah. Ethan stipulation let Kolhm judged on Rosh Hashana and the sentence of each one below synagogue. Ethan stipulation let Kolhm judged on Rosh Hashanah and sentence of each one below them at the time. Ethan stipulation let every one was sentenced at the time and the sentence of each one below them at the time. Lumbar Mann Damar Kolhm judged on Rosh Hashanah and sentence of each one below time. Dtninn and holidays judged on the water. My word Rav said Kolhm judged on Rosh Hashanah and the sentence is one of them below Rosh Hashanah. Rav departing Btkiata start doing it today memorial Sunday that Israel is a sentence Haq God of Jacob. And the countries in which said failure this sword and this peace failure that hunger and that satiety and Covenants which would be visited to remind them of life and death and real wages, Llosa Dr. Jose said one judged every hour what Because it is called (Job M) and functioned regularly moments Tbhnno and functioned regularly bread of life moments Tbhnno This eating. Rabbi Yitzhak great name of R. King and public judged every day what Because it is called (Kings h) to court and Justice worked with him in Israel every day. IR Levy (Psalm i) and is judged TbT Yadin directly God judges nations to Israel on as they Asokin commandments and nations at night as they Btilin of Unleavened Bread. Samuel said who he discussed the Israel he discusses the nations what Samuel has Yadin nationalities directly at hand fit for that. Jethro act reminds them they made ​​mention of Rahab the Harlot. See wild life comes mainly grain suffering a Passover evening Luca Mai law. No spiraled to a cell Dalt do not spiraled no cell operates Dnfkt Prepare constitute blessed with all cell Melki Don.Those who die from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur Mai law they die no cell spiraled up to Dalt do not spiraled cell operates Dnfka no capitalization Morcin Prepare all Pipkin cell death. And audible Da”r Krosfa name of R. Yochanan three Phoenix are one of the wholly righteous and the wicked one wholly-one of this medium has been wholly righteous life took Aifofsi of this year in advance of the wholly wicked Aifofis already taken their New Year’s medium have been possible Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur if they did answer Nctbin with the righteous or not Nctbin with the wicked. MT (Psalm set) will protest the number of those living in these wicked and the righteous to the righteous ones will write medium. Rabbi Hanania Hbryahun mainly rabbinic

Page G, Chapter A third went Talmud   and God does not see it coming. and audible Da”r marking the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi God judges no man unless he is standing in MT (Genesis u) Do not fear that God heard the voice of the lad where he is. IR Levy text (Psalm e) No they stood revelers before your eyes to what you hated all workers on demanding R. Issachar Dcfr Mandy (Job N) that he knows the worthlessness and saw online and will look at. IR Yehoshua ben Levi (Job h) if Zach and straight was no written here but if pure and honest life bar you come to IR (Proverbs) Greyhound or a goat, and a king Allcom him. Practice in the world it seeks to win Starling Starling and it seeks to win but God is not well and the King Allcom but not with mainly established on Didier (Psalm kg) but not permanent opponent and Lnzoh opponent. IR helpful Feda basil or politeness or scrapes. Way of the world human king Cuts cutting. Others wanted to have wanted to hold her, but God is not so, but cuts cutting and initially present Because it is called and kept my charge, I am the Lord, I is preserving the commandments of the Torah first. IR marking text (Psalm XIX) because the return will be established and the exclusion of the elderly and fear thy God, I am God I am the first page is old. IR checking spelling (Deuteronomy) and who is a great nation that has righteous statutes and judgments etc. R. Hama me Rabbi Hanina and Rabbi Hoshaya one ever said this nation and this way of the world man knows he has Dean wearing black and wrapped in black and Tower beard does not know how is liable to go out but Isrral are also only wearing underwear and wrapped ourselves in white and Mglhin beards and eat and our names and are happy unwittingly God does They miracles. And Hauran this island nation said this way of the world as a nation government says the law today and tomorrow law says bandit who Shumaen not power but God is not the Beit Din also said New Year’s day God says ministering angels will put stage will Ktigorin said Snigorin Today members of the New Year.Changed their Beit Din her tomorrow God tells the Angels took stage will Singorin will Ktigorin changed his sons at her tomorrow MT (Psalm Fa) that Haq Israel is the God of Jacob sentence if it were not for Israel Law does not court the God of Jacob. R. Krisfa named Rabbi Yochanan former (Leviticus W) are set times of where and on, which you read them. IR Ila if Kritm them are dates are dates or not. Said R. Mark is written (Psalms from) many did you do the Lord God of your wonders and your thoughts us many former and where did you tender your wonders and your thoughts to us. IR Levi King had Irlogyn because that was his son gave him. Said Rabbi Yose bar king pardoned because he had preserved his son who gave him Rabbi Acha said King had a ring because that was his son gave him life bar Rabbi Langer who had come woodworking tools Because that was his son gave him said Rabbi Isaac King who had treasures because that was his son gave them to him and Rabbis said the doctor had a case of medicine because that was his son said to him: and New Year everyone in the world When we passed in front of him as Ron. R. Aha said in Judgement Dirin and Rabbis said Hada Bmgnimin

Page report, a chapter a third went Talmud   What Because it is called (Psalm lag) with their creator understands to all actions. IR Levy creator along their already understood all the actions. Said Rabbi helpful way of the world what this creator convenient to do a hundred jars or look at them not to look at them. Said Rabbi knees Forming want him having to individual hearts. Said Rabbi Evon an individual world already understood all actions: and holiday judged on the water. Mtnitin Derby Derby tracking water libation said tracking Torah. In both (Numbers Dutt) and Nscihm On the sixth and seventh in the trial Nscih M M yud water. Next Torah said barley first fruits Passover Sttbrc next wheat crop in front of you at the rally reactors would be blessed in front of you the fruits of trees. We see then that the holiday would be blessed with water pouring the water in front of you. Let Arsab it were Israel as Yarin Rosh Hashanah and sentenced them to Robin and the late rains sin. Least of which is derived from AA already cut what God does extravagance days and deserts and rivers that do not benefit the country of them. What is the point (Job humid) rain down on terra a person not speaking it. They would not have Israel as Yarin Rosh Hashanah and sentenced them to rain wear and eventually did add to reply AA already been decreed what God does have brought them down to earth and answers with them dew and spirits to take advantage of the country of which MT (Psalm total) Ptolemy Raveh Revivim its battalions landed bless grew gushed. (Job CD) also warrants Hot steal from the snow Saul made ​​Israel sin summer seasons stole them from the snow. Written (Deuteronomy k) the eyes of the Lord thy God, which I allowed this year Kahane said I took the text to the end of the year Hedva Yahav her head and her grandfather at the end of the End:

H. Page, Chapter I went to a fourth year   six months Hslohin go out on the Nissan from the Passover and father from the fast and Elul for the New Year and before installing prone Tishrei and Kislev from Hanukkah and Purim maple and Csb”h from there they go out even before Passover Air Small:

Page report, a chapter a fourth went Talmud   and were even cut rally rally is. Forget said five times six times seven times. Later Thursday as planned and ‘Hsirin VII.

Page report, in Section A fourth went Talmud   not already left Elul account of Modaa Daitkds Irha.Said Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi Please Ureib Ilin Dazlin Lgimorin sharp nod Dalit who ran out you were adopted to Taman Cheshin much Thrin old. Lon said Chisda Why do you pass the toddlers yourself this vendor a strong no lazy in court. Aboh Dr. Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak felt the flights of fasting Thrin old and involves rendering the blood:

H. Page, in the period a year went   on two new desecrate the Sabbath on Nissan and Tishrei which Hslohin go out in Syria and which were Mtknin the date and strike an existing temple desecrate even all of them before installing the ‘victim. Whether we see clearly and obviously not desecrate the Sabbath Rabbi Yossi says if it is manifest may not violate the Sabbath. Who made ​​more than forty pair and We held Rabbi Akiva Lod sent him Rabban Gamliel If you are the domain inhibitor is hindered future:

H. Page, in Chapter I went to the Talmud   What is clearly known how much ensured he said (Psalm l) pure silver refiner clearly to Israel sevenfold. Who made ​​more than forty pair and We held IAA Lod because they m pair but if there was one couple had no inhibitions sent him RG If you are the domain inhibitor is hindered future. Not in the many delays from doing anything Mitzvah and any delaying many from doing anything mitzvah should ostracism. Said Rabbi Yehuda baker, heaven forbid, not Ntnda Rabbi Akiva but Prime fence was. And sent Rabbi Gamliel and passed from the beginning:

H. Page, in Chapter I went and sub   ​​father and son saw the new will not Shmtztrafin each other but one of them might be disqualified join other with another RS says a father and son and all the relatives when new evidence AR Yarin Yossi act Tuvia saw the new doctor Jerusalem, he and his son had worked loose and the priests received him and his son and rejected the principle will work and when they came to accept it and work and rejected his son:

H. Page, in Chapter I went and Talmud   taste Dr”s the start (Exodus L) And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, this new you new head etc. were priests him and his son and rejected the work and when they came out wrong in principle will accept him and worked and rejected his son away near:

H. Page, in Chapter I went to M sub   These are Hfsolin game Bkovia and accompanies interest

T. Page, Chapter I went to a seventh year   and Farewell Baghdad and slave traders seventh and this rule is no evidence that the woman shot her even when they are not as Yarin:

T. Page, a Section A seventh went Gemara   this game Bfsifsin. One game and one game Bfsifsin walnut shells and grenades when is Mkblin it Mshisbor the mosaic and will be checked and come back to complete it. Loan shark that he moneylender Since when Mkblin them Mshikra the Notes and will be checked and come back to complete. Farewell Baghdad This is the conversion of pigeons. One of Mara Mara ions and one other live cattle and poultry Since when Mkblin it Mshisbor premature and would be looked into and return it back to complete. This live dealer seventh seventh seventh non This dealer for sitting and cancel every other week since she reached seventh began stripping his hands and negotiates fruits offense when is get it when you arrive and will be checked seventh and then return it back to complete. Let Rabbi Yossi said two sevens. Give the name of Rabbi Nehemiah returns money does not return things and say there you move and Hlkom two hundred poor what became drunk fruits of crime. Add them shepherds and robbers and plunderers and all Hhsodin Betilla testimony about money. IR Abahu provided shepherds cattle. Said Chief parked terms Farewell Baghdad Mann R. Use the Dtninn Taman years as Reb help out is a woman in the city of gold. Farewell Baghdad Fsolin the testimony. IR Mene comic R. Llosa all that Dsnadrin Vols will help AL words All words everything is what it is. Ahacha unknowingly we IR Llosa it wrong testimony lot to come testify testimony as it is unacceptable that money is nothing wrong with the testimony of persons. And Edith Edith persons whack new and whether this rule give evidence that the woman when she shot are also not as Yarin Le Mans stipulation rabbis. Rabbis with R. Use the confession Lia Fligin costs. Rabbi Yonah called multi Park Derby table to help his nephews Ilin Flogooth Ilin Folgooth departing By plotting fault with any evidence which in turn words RM IR Yossi whenever time in plotting testimony

Ninth page, in Chapter I went to M Talmud   people but if money is plotting testimony on suspected money and discredited and Atiia Commissioner Dr. Yossi Rabbis and Dr”m with R. Eliezer:

Page I, in Chapter I went to H matter   who has seen the new and can not walk Molichin him on the donkey even down if citadel them Lokhin Biden sticks and if there was a way far Lokhin Biden foods on the course of the night and day desecrate the Sabbath and they go out to testify newly written (Leviticus W) These set times of the sacred occasions:

Ninth page, in Chapter I went to H Talmud   Torah IR Isaac spoke any language (Gen X) and the man she amazed every sock it holds Satim if they take Biden fortress sticks. can desecrate the Sabbath as testify about them that desecrate the Sabbath on which announce that took place TL (Leviticus W) which call on our reading of violating the Sabbath does not violate the Sabbath to announce that took place mainly harvesting Rsb”l Omer What would postpone the Sabbath day extendable CAD R. Abbey and whether Tninn he commanded reap night kosher harvested Doha on Saturday. not received. IR Acha returned Rsb”l from Hada have said in the dark because the sun had said Yen Yen said the sun was what Annan Okiimin if night already he says, but if it does not matter as at night not let the matter.

The page, a chapter a report Talmud went   up rejecting the Sabbath on Makhshirin What rejected the Sabbath night and Htninn placed does Hbitin do Hbitin. Will be resolved in the sand. Tanna Rabbi Bar Ada life it always order our God, the work of the sand and the Saturday and Htninn Ktzrohu and Ntnohu funds brought him for help and were Mhvabin him in order to hold a commandment of Kelly R. Meir Rabbi Yossi says since he started commandment tell him Mark. Extendable CAD R. Yuden Kfodkiia comic R. Jose Reach yourself comes from the rise since he started it says it needs no mitzva soup. Extendable CAD Rabbi Yaakov Bar horses and Htninn the course of the night and desecrate the Sabbath day and they go out they said the new evidence, because today we need a night and night have a day like that is all day. Said Rabbi Rabbi Bon admit me and interferes with sacred because it is interfering holy day is night:

New Year’s Mask Chapter

The page, in Chapter II went a year   if they do not Mcirin it irrigated with another witness.Committees were Mkblin first new species from human Mskilklo Mkblin Gorge installed but not the Hmcirin. At first they Mshiain beacons Mskilklo Hkotim installed Shiho Slohin go out:

The page, in Chapter II went a Talmud   IR Jonah sufficiently prepared Mitanni were Mkblin first new evidence from any person if it were not Mcirin irrigated with another witness said R. Jose Mateo is Cmtnitin even if they are not irrigated Mcirin that other people testify to what they at first were Mkblin evidence of new than anyone. to one of the faithful. Own given you the law was not Gorge one must witness and say who one must witness and said to one of the faithful. Until one What is having to faithful as years of where Obeida were years of all Mcirin it and one person does not know him. What is his friend his friend knew him join one of the market provide testimony R. great small park called multi

Page k, a chapter in went a Talmud   it is not then Mtztrafin the signing of the second witness. Not for years did not have enough of everything Mcirin handwriting and one of his friend’s sales person does not know him as one of his friend what he would testify about the market, then there is no evidence for one. IR Yuden and health while years out from a mostly pagan such as Hada Sussita of all Mcirin him of Israel and one of his friend’s sales person does not know him as one of his friend what to do from the market to testify about it to say you do not present any evidence exists for one and Ahacha is All evidence exists for one. Taman Tninn Commissioner told them Go out and see if it’s time for slaughter if it’s seer says Barki What emerald lightning Taman Tell Brak River Nahara Warka. Until one faithful Sniia is Ahacha that can stand on the. And feel to say to anyone in the plot and issued is Nahara. Word to is spent. One witness said a certain man was born on Saturday complained his mouth darkness Saturday night movable his mouth. See my mother shaking the Puma Dmliith Rabbi stipulation shaking the Aibrith Dzhara see my mother Mel according Damrn that these women constitute the Sussita. What’s acquaintances knew him into them the Sabbath Nishmaina from Hada IR Nehoray here I got a second act to indicate one Usha and no one must do but cause my application to greet Hbirii.

Page K, in Chapter II went a Talmud   and what upset passion Taman would say rally after the Sabbath and would go out of him Mbarb sanctified possession. From now on Nissan Ikblinon the rest Irhia Ikblinon IR Rabbi Yossi me Bon Most Klklthun from Maple death. Now is Dkoothun Ikblinon pitcher Elite is no Dkoothun not Ikblinon from each. Act Edith hired Beitosin two new lie indicate one came and sanctified testified Testimony and walked away and someone came and said costs would Ma’ale Adumim I saw him crouching between two rocks head similar to round ears similar to Gadi and I saw him and I got scared and I pulled my rear end and the two hundred Move related Bafondti. They told him the two hundred and move our data to you as a gift and Slhich came Wilco. You Why income yourself vendor. said They saw them Mbkshin mislead the smart I said I’d better go I will follow the wise. And what upset passion Taman Daoon Ilin Svein day Ilin Svein held tomorrow and were Sabourin better of him and Mtklklin Beit Din. Who canceled the torch torch R. canceled and allowed a murderer and allowed up to and permitted by Shiho go out on it Mbarb sanctified possession. IR Abahu Aa”g Damar to cancel the torch not cancel water vetiver. Rabbi Zeira Shaba comic R. Abahu Ilin Dhmein What Disbon AL Safed Rabbi canceled the torch Safed what causes. But respect Modaa Dainon Idaen no time but Mshiain Lily Lily gestates. Night time no Mshiain from nineteenth But Mshiain Lily gestates. But no new Mshiain

L. Page, a chapter in went a Talmud   Hmiosbin at the time from a good day to be named occurred. Night time no Mshiain from nineteenth Lily gestates No Mshiain honor of Shabbat. If say Mshiain between the new Hmiosbin at the time of the new Hmaovrin that are sitting in at the time of the new Hmaovrin that are sitting in their own time if you say yes also Sabourin that changed their Beit Din at him and Mtklklin:

Page L, A Chapter gone in a year   how they would Mshiain beacons they bring pole of cedar Arrocin and reeds and trees oil and tow of linen and puts a stroke and rises to the top of the mountain and lights where the light and walk and brings inconclusive until he sees his friend that he does so at the top of the mountain the other and at the top The third mountain. And where were Lgrifina and Mgrifina Lhooren and Mhooren to Bltin and from Bltin did not move but conductive and brings inconclusive until he sees before him to the fire fire exile:

L. Page, a chapter in law in Talmud   What Ddnin oil trees. Jonah in Judgement Mkzna IR. IR Zeira Severin any party Real capitalized Llosa Hminn star star IR beet and landing Hminn star consumable and me. Let the mountains of the hive and fenced. Said Chief parked pitcher Slkinn from here Slkinn Back Home Bltin and Huinn Khameini Dklia Dbbl Ilin Hgiia :

Page L, a chapter went third year   a large yard was in Jerusalem and Beit Iazk was called and for all the witnesses Mtcnsin and Beit Din stole them there and a great feast was osim them for Shiho Rgilin representative foremost were not Zzin away all day adjusted Gamaliel Shiho Malkin two thousand mother to the wind and not only these but also smart and deliver next next save immediately turned on a crash immediately column such as people of the city and have two thousand to the wind:

L. Page, a third chapter went Talmud   What is a Iazk there were Ozkin went several ensured the said (Isaiah e) and Iazkao and Isklhu etc.: first there were Zzin away all day. Returned and made ​​them as a foreign field Mshachsichh came to waive in four will die back and do them as tools allowed Ltltn yard strike yard until he came R. Gamliel the Elder and installed Shiho two thousand Emma Malkin to the wind. Let even came to circumcise the little addition Mtnita Derby will help Dtninn Taman and also said Rabbi Eliezer Kortin trees do Fhmin and make iron:

Page L, in Chapter II went d matter   how Bodkin witnesses couple comes first stole it first and pass the toddlers the largest, and tell him meant how I saw the white from the sun or the sun North or South a couple was high and there were plants and some was wide if said before sun said nothing would pass the toddlers other and stole it were their words Mkoonin testimony exists and all the other couples We inquire into those heads are things one must have, but not out of mind bins for Shiho Rgilin representative:

L. Page, in Chapter D went Talmud   Rabbi Yochanan said even wrong Sbtoain not wrong in this thing before the hot sun. Not Tzorca pretty hot Figmth Figmth before the sun. Give Bar Capra literally and before the sun after sun Figmth before the hot sun Figmth after Rabbi Yochanan said spelling (Job far) dominion and fear makes peace in His high places. She had never seen a hot brick Fgimth. Let Rabbi Shimon RCD heavenwards of water and the stars of the fire and Dream with each other and are not harmful spirits each other thus makes peace in His high places. Said R. Avon angel himself, half water, half fire and Ethan School five limbs (Dniiel s) and Goito beryl, his face like a mirror Barak and his torch fire etc. IR Levy never Elite luck Hemi what Dkomoi but Kolhun Slkin Ilin Dslkin Bsulma reversible. Three hundred and sixty-five windows God created he’ll use the world. One hundred and eighty-two in the east and one hundred and eighty-two in the West and one in the middle of the sky from which emerged from the beginning of creation. What a warm walking thirty for the thirty day white walking heart ‘days and a half what indignation walking in new white walking for five hot days walking indignation G. walking white new Legendre and a half days walking him what a warm, white new walking on the fifteenth day what indignation new walking white twelve walking thirty for the thirty days. IR Elite dove but even here Shiora wild where. Give seems to confirm and water do not Maidin he said Rabbi life bar come see him come out of this cloud and entered a cloud else Maidin about Hada R. Hanina ran out of the eye Teva Lmimna and passion Aoira cloudy said Don Hamrin what we impose Aoira Dahan grandfather and drilling him to St. H sieve and looks out. Rabbi her very tender light of Old D Res. R. Avon tit costs Tzrrin and told his tormentors Tbhit members sandwich Brmsha Annan in my eye Tithmi Hedda and the combat zone as Hedda immediately Aitbla of Floors: from north to south. Ethan stipulation Give north words Okiimin Ethan stipulation Give south words Okiimin Man who said that the north words Okiimin of Tevet to Tammuz Mann Damar south comments Cayman from Tammuz to Tevet. A few were higher that means full spur one and that means full two Mrdaim. Ethan stipulation let their words Okiimin and Ethan stipulation let no what they are saying Okiimin Man who said that what they are saying Okiimin Bhinon

M. Page, a fourth chapter went Talmud   Daoon Okiimin evil one and one-Mann penultimate accent who said that what they are saying no Okiimin Bhinon Daoon Okiimin value. Some wide as her skin was more Mcshaora. And if said before the sun did not say anything;

M. Page, a chapter in the matter went to   the head of the Beit Din says sanctified him and all the people interested in the sacred sacred seemed at the time or not at the time Mkdshin it seems RA me Rabbi Tzadok says it might not seem at the time no Mkdshin it already consecrated people:

M. Page, a chapter in the Talmud went   Give Arsab says (Leviticus) and you’ve spent the year fifty years years Mkdshin new Mkdshin no. and whether Tninn court says the head of what is sacred sacred sustained. Let the new sanctification of the largest IR Mthilin life Rav Ada Mtnita said yes sacred head of the Beit Din says. Let outskirts year Mthilin from the IR Zbeidat and Beita Dlra not customs yes and no audible Da”r Chiya bar Sharjah R. Jonah R. came to see her in the name of R. her behalf Rabbi Yochanan new Kiddush largest Mthilin the outskirts of the year Mthilin the sidelines. and has already entered Rabbi Yochanan and he was the smallest in which he said should the sacred outskirts year said the sacred outskirts year. IR Jonathan saw the language we taught Ben said outskirts volume which I would say These eleventh day of hot redundant white every year but the edge with added smart thirty days and Aibroh. Rabbi Yaakov Bar Aha R. chair to which the name of R. Yochanan outskirts Vhullachen another appointment to the Board Vhullachen then usual and having to each and everyone speaks in place, such as R Hanina opened ry and Rsb”l Htmin. See Bar Zbda was opened R. Chiya R. chair to R. horrors Htmon. See Hgii Open R. Jonah and R. Yossi Htmin. Kahane Aitmni front of Rabbi Yaakov Bar Aha Aal Rabbi Yaakov Bar Aha front Minya Laibora. Mara made ​​said it has no Dshmuata. Rabbi her wild passion Qa’im had come roast Aal R. Kahane rose Lia roast from my bottom of the Dhsl see wild life comes from the grill Itib real Lia Rav Kahana will Komoly extension Btzlotihn from Rav Kahana AL Dhsl donkey made ​​our leaders Gbichon Unfortunately Rbrbichon. A ” to see me, please Dbit spelling on Dbit me (I Samuel c) If the clock Itcfr altar me forever Mincha afternoon prayer altar but does not redeem it would redeem him in prayer. And roast costs

M. Page, in Chapter II of the Talmud went   and was bearing up Daitabdon Hada Dkka Somokn talon. Rsb”l Academon one grandparent outskirts Lia and Aalonih from that Traa as follows. Said he will be the salaries and audible Da”r Krisfa name of R. Yochanan act intercalated year three dose Roy Becker said one senior Badr quiche and Hauran Mintz said blower Lihich ancient man and Pick accept it and Hauran Thor said Bader herds and un-round locket shirt in hot Annan sent and sharp nod Dalit cell and intercalated the year on them. IR milked and agreed to the Beit Din with them. Not so miniature IR and Shiho Maureen on behalf of everyone because Dailin confession and Ilin Ilin Ilin confession as Maureen on behalf of all of them. Rabbi Shimon Ben quiche Keep Hada Yalta feared she as R. helpful as R. helpful (Ezekiel M) and by al prophets had contracts false and vicious lie in secret with me there will be no secret of conception. and in the house of Israel will not write this appointment. and the land of Israel will not come to this land of Israel. And Rabbi helpful pitcher Put away from here Amrit huh top made ​​simultaneously. Pitcher Noony Amrit ha on unbundling. Pitcher Elite Laibora Amrit Ha Tltyahun top. Rabbi came Bar Zbda called multi Because it is called Derby Rabbi Tzadok help me because in the court of Ellen heroin that court Slmtn Mkdshin that are Mkdshin it:

Page XIII, in Chapter gone and change   character shapes brick had Rabban Gamliel rise table and the wall which shows the laity and say that you have seen or that you saw the act came years ago and said we saw him the morning Eastern and Arabic Western Rabbi Yochanan said Edith lie are and when they came birch they were received RG and more came years and said we saw the coming to life at night time and not look

Hand page, a chapter in a year and went   and got Rabban Gamliel. Rabbi Ben Arcins Edith dosa are the how Maidin lie about the woman who gave birth and the age of her teeth Chrysa said Rabbi Joshua I see the words:

Hand page, a chapter in law and Talmud   IR supply of flavors Dr”i new son born Nuri every six hours before the eye does not see the power of the old and let it appears Old Prevailing View: Shacharit not look new Arab-new looks from the Arabs do not seem to Old Prevailing View: Shacharit A R “wild life came from and why they were received RG as tradition hands briefly ancestor times during the long course times:

Hand page, a chapter in seventh year went   RG sent him Tavo I order you in my Bmkllach and Bmotich occurred on account went to synagogue to be found IAA Strait and I told him that whatever he did teach RG likely written (Leviticus W. ) are set times of the sacred occasions that call them between at the time or not at the time but I do not have bound these:

Hand page, a Chapter VII went Talmud   Who sent from the IR departing Joshua what I was comfortable lying on the bed and did not send RG thing Hada said R. Joshua sent. Hand who sent the departing words of what it said comforted hand tracking Hada said RA sent. What did he teach. IR Llosa we unwittingly witnesses if he was not consecrated sacred and what came to testify if Kdsohu and then found witnesses Zummin it is sacred and whether Tninn made ​​more than forty pair and We held IAA in Lod. By that forty couple but if there was one couple had no inhibitions:

Hand page, a chapter went eighth year   he came R. Dosa ben Arcins told him if we are going to discuss another of his court RG another one must we discuss all the Beit Din and the Beit Din, who was the days of Moses and so far it is written (Exodus pitcher ) And Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and why not interpreted the nature of the elderly but to teach all three and three were Beit Din of Israel it is as a judgment of Moses took his stick and his money in his hand and went birch in Ramat Gan on applicable Synagogue to his account was Ramat Gan and his gun to his head and told him to come in peace R. and great students and students have received wisdom on you my words:

Hand page, a chapter in eighth went Talmud   text (Samuel L) God who made ​​Moses and Aaron, and that brought etc. (there) and sent Lord Jerubbaal and Dan and open and Samuel. Jerubbaal Gideon Dan Samson will open it will open Gilead knocked three Kelly three knights of the world teach that the judgment of Gideon and Jephthah and Samson Colin against Moses and Aaron and Samuel and no longer relied major where and where and small middle: was Ramat Gan and his gun to his head and told him to come in peace R. and students of Rabbi wisdom and students all I cut him he has written (Psalm Kmd) Alofino porters etc. R. Johanan and Rsb”l Rabbi Yochanan said thousands Porters no text here but Alofino porters at the largest of Soblin the little ones (there) does not burst and there go out and do not scream Brhbtino Rabbi Shimon Ben quiche castrate champions suffer Kriia law is not written here but Alofino suffer at the little ones Soblin the largest burst and there is no going out and there is a scream Brhbtino. See Dcfr transform named Sheila R. (Psalm Kass) did Sun Moon knew his arrival dates

Hand page, in the eighth chapter went Talmud   used knowledge of his arrival made ​​moon dates.Said R. knees text (Numbers lag) and journeyed Rameses in the first month etc. Pitcher assimilation Lily Moada four in ten Mtmiain Ethan O sunset the moon was appointed. IR Simon and were by it and by it. IR John (Genesis) And there was evening and there was morning, one day. Rsb”l new until he said the whole of the said new forget what Dar”i should Lrsb”l what Damar Rsb”l must R. John while John and IR said Rsb”l Huinn Hamrin said was even all of the new. Oh necessary it Damar Rsb”l. Or if Arsb”l and IR John Huinn Hamrin said was not a night ha day. Oh necessary it as Rabbi Yochanan and necessary it Damar Rsb”l:

New Year’s Mask Part Three

Hand page, in Chapter III went to a sub-   court saw him and all Israel were questioned witnesses and were not able to say consecrated until dark HZ court embryo only saw him years will testify before them and say sacred sacred and the Beit Din saw him three years and will be seated at the individual authors and testify sacred to them, and said only that sacred trust by itself:

Hand page, in Chapter III went a Talmud   lice Mtnita or tribunal or Israel. See my mother called tiny Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi

Page O, A Chapter III went a Talmud   Mamamin on him and there seems Mamamin for not seem to keep it holy. See NOTE ‘life in the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi Mamamin for not seem to keep it holy, and there is no visible Mamamin on him. Mtnita Fliga R. tiny court saw him and all Israel were questioned witnesses and were not able to say until dark sacred sacred because it is God darkness darkness if not Hada said probably no Mamamin on him. Mtnita Fliga to see if he could come two days should give it to him two days Talmud tell you has only one day Hada said no Mamamin for not seem to keep it holy. Rabbi Mtnita Fliga can come as the culprit this year because of the need to sanctify the new study from the need to say (Exodus L) another new new are Vhullachen Hada said no Mamamin for not seem to keep it holy. Waist, Fliga the Rabbi come can if not the white looked so two days sanctify the new study say two days (Leviticus W) You are the ones they do not those dates because if God like never looked not Hada said no Mamamin for not seem to keep it holy. Mimar mainly hook and Fligon what as R. tiny new what all the rest as R. came to Nissan and Tishrei. Rabbi says Nissan at the time if was not coming. Not long Tishrei said she was impregnated water and whether Tninn if the new embryo was if he was not. And Cskidso the year last Sunday Usha R. Ishmael, the son of Rabbi Yohanan Ben Brokaw says the words

O page, in Chapter III went a Talmud   Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri said Shimon ben Gamliel were not Naogyn Yes Yavne. Last Monday, the son of Rabbi Hanina Jose the Galilean and said as Rabbi Akiva said Shimon ben Gamliel Yes we are accustomed in Yavne. Give sanctified and whether the first and second named Rabbi tiny Chisda same year the modeling industry. What is the first what both see the name comes great first year and second year and whether let on the first day and the second day. Sanctified before his time or after gestates could one day be sacred Talmud tell you these are the times you are no fees dates before the time gestates XXXII day after day. And where the culprit who deportations this year and has not yet reached TL (Leviticus W) of the children of Israel made ​​the deadline dates do them all Israel IR Samuel bar Nahman and reached the Euphrates. Rabbi Yaakov Bar Aha see my mother called Rabbi Yehuda Bar Pazzi sanctified and then found the witnesses. Zummin HZ sacred rose R. Llosa with Rabbi Yehuda Bar Pazzi AL You’ve just spent the heterodyne Hada AL also said Father the name of R. Yochanan Mdkdkin no new evidence. Beit Din, who saw the killer heroin We said if it does not we Mcirin it were not Orafin it is written (Deuteronomy U) and our eyes have not seen mm and then see. And the Beit Din of Israel kills Ethan stipulation let stand years and will testify before them Ethan stipulation let stand all attested elsewhere. See Yoda Bar Pazzi name of R. tiny as they Hlokin here so Hlokin testimony new. And rise sharply and Itib sharp rise sharply and Itib one doubled ‘ The witness is not enough Hada long been parked Eve knew echoes Nash shed a single bar in kind shall hear Komoly and village school. AL Rabbi Shmuel Bar Rabbi Isaac respect ensured Rav Chona know much carried the village school what if Basil and Ishd alach court comic Horan AL parked Abidine great addition to credit AL and no long park that flights of the law of running out and Mashhad local costs Beit Din Horan. Read the signing of an appeal signed by the witnesses by Hdeinin Rabbi comes in the name of Rav Yehuda

Cries, a third period went a Talmud   wanted to have the witness has written by the judges has written and I for one would even say one has even Dain. Derby day out Abahu donkey with islands of Mimar Guolin and Hamrin Gaoltino and Kblon Director Dr. lap, Aisttkon said failure Shmatin Da revered Irha and Arcinon their heads and Kblon:

Cries, a third chapter in the matter went   all shofars when Yarin other than a cow because he Yossi IR beam and shofars were not-beam written (Joshua) and was for the Jubilee Fund as Macm the sound of the trumpet:

Cries, a third chapter in the Talmud went   capitalization with islands of Mimar not forget give Fligin R. Llosa device due to disqualify smart cow. MT Dr. Yossi Yovel fund would attract a rabbinic MT (Psalm set) and their list will better God saw Paris projecting bull spelling projector. And rabbis were all shofars were fund other than a cow has been improved so-called fund and called the mouthpiece Tivon Yael it is not a fund called or better. May Don is as R. Levy Sniia is not done advocate categories:

Cries, a third went Part Three matter   of Rosh Hashanah Shofar Yael simple and mouth covered with gold and two trumpets from the side of us was improved extension and trumpets reduce the mitzva has been improved:

Cries, a third chapter also went Talmud   IR dove to simplify their response. His mouth covered with gold. Gold buoyancy within disqualified from outside kosher. expecting or which place laying a thick voice was wrong because AR coating Llosa simple Hada said he heard part of the fussing did not come out. And high-Da said first plug and pulled the other twelve

Cries, in Chapter III also went Talmud   , but he does not have one. Rabbi Abba bar Zmina as Reb even a tiny one he does not have. Why join her on a whirlwind and storm on her head joins. Eitan head not an end and not the end Ethan her head:

Cries, in Chapter III went d matter   and fasts of males Cfofin and mouth and two silver plated trumpet mouthpiece shortens the middle and trumpets extend the mitzva today trumpets:

Cries, in Chapter III Talmud d gone   to bow its IR dove their hearts in prayer comic Rival Tkain Btanita. Rabbi Yose in kind and Itkaon Comay Bhtzotzrta. Audible and no temple departing Trumpets Trumpets borderline. And pray to him twenty-four Hada R. John praying on Tisha B’Av twenty-four and the commander of her students not Tilfon kinds of law Lea fact Dtzrichh public but he is fast. See Llosa called Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi is Public Fast R. Jonah R. Nachman bar Yitzchak name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi but he is not fasting public. R ‘coronal tiny Dr. John said single Tisha B’Av pray four. Said was four huh rent not:

Cries, in Chapter III of the year went to   par Jubilee New Year blowing and blessings Rabbi Yehuda said on Rosh Hashana, who thrust due males and a blue moon because ibex:

Cries, in Chapter III went to the Talmud   (the desert) I am the Lord your God, those moves (Leviticus W) such fanfare memories memory (Leviticus W) has been improved to cheer these shofars Pipkin New Year. Yuval (there) and the transfer has been improved fanfare in the seventh month the new decade on Yom Kippur that this it is said in the seventh month what the Talmud say in the seventh month, but all you do on Rosh Hashanah Hoy makes new decade what here moves Shofarot Here moves Shofarot. Where she was in front of her TL and the transfer has been improved and where it is simple after TL (there) pass to Don Yuval mouthpiece. Rosh Hashanah Shofar transfer fanfare and a new decade synagogue Talmud say that what is written in the seventh month in the seventh month, but what you do in the seventh month Cbasor What’s resume here cheering and blowing and blowing even here cheering and blowing and blowing. Where are the three on three three TL (Numbers CC) Yom Teruah (Lev W) Memory fanfare (name) has been improved fanfare to Don Vols consistent. With R. Ishmael let Rabbi Ishmael (there) and you shoved fanfare and you shoved fanfare Second fanfare shall set forward .

Q. page, a third chapter in the Talmud law   is blowing spiraled no fanfare and dictated it (the desert) and assemble the stick and warned the audience. (Leviticus) Yuval is though not left out though that blew the shofar. Or can not send slaves even though it is written: R. thank R. Jose says Yuval though not omitted although not send slaves. Or can not blew the shofar even though it is written in another post IR Llosa hang it for the purposes of the shofar and write one hang it for the purposes of forwarding slaves. From what I say Yuval shipping not allowed Valuable slaves without shipping slaves but you can not jab Valuable Shofar. DA Shofar Forwarding depends Beit Din that he is up to each individual slaves and Atiia is Da”r Shmuel Bar Rav Yitzchak (names) and God spoke to Moses and Aaron, and gave them a charge unto the children of Israel for what Tzium the slave shipping case.And Mateo is Da”r filled not punished Israel but the affair shipping slaves This is what is written (Jeremiah lag) Seven years after his brother send a Hebrew etc. Give the name of Rabbi Nehemiah (Proverbs) from merchant ships would bring fought. Torah poor Instead, rich elsewhere IR John is the words of Rabbi Yuda and Rabbi chair to but the words of the wise sanctification Beit Din and the blowing of the shofar and omit funds shemitah years so be holy tribunal and the blowing of the shofar omit money is not the end of both shemitah years. Rabbi tiny heard her from Hada (Dniiel j), and said, Daniel Fear me that from the first day that you gave your heart to understand and to fast before thy words were heard.’ve heard your words. IR John flavors Dr. Judah to give the found the found and which is not available on that is not in:

Q. page, a Chapter III went and matter   has been improved and cracked Stop gluten gluten wrong wrong trumpets punctured and sealed if delayed blowing improper or not kosher:

Q. page, a Chapter III went and Talmud   who consumed R. gave wrong trumpets Stop gluten

Q. page, in Chapter III went and Talmud   more is Dr. Nathan punctured and sealed. See her life in the name of R. Yochanan Dr. Nathan is punctured and sealed departing from unique or not unique if he delays the blowing wrong or not kosher Rabbi Nathan says that unique kind incompetent minister.See her life in the name of R. Yochanan lumbar lice, if he delays the blowing improper or not kosher Rabbi Abba bar Zmina name of R. minor and clogging but if not shut all kosher shofar sounds when Yarin. Rabbi Yaakov Bar Acha said Father bar was asked Rabbi AL mouthpiece drilled What is this, who thrust the eyes Teva:

Q. page, in Chapter Three seventh year went   plunging into the hole or into the fields Aoltoc nipple if the shofar heard out vowel sound heard if not out and who would go back in MK or near Lva”c was home and heard the sound of the shofar or scroll if Levin heart out or not did not come out even though it was heard and that this audio Levin Levin heart and it’s not his heart:

Q. page, in Chapter III M went Talmud   IR Yossi Ben said was pardoned and who God if he goes strong Moines. Nathan has been improved in the plug if the mouthpiece and the inner voice heard out if outboard audio sound came out. R. Avina in kind have become What Nishmaina from Hada Scrape the inside disqualified from outside minister said was Scrape whether if they become incompetent. What amongst each other that canceled its space and it has not canceled its space:

Page XVII, in Chapter III went eighth year   (Exodus Q) and was when Moshe raised his hand, Israel prevailed etc. that Moses’ hands to make war or breaking war, but every time that Israel Msatachlin to Ellen and Mconin white their father in heaven are Mtgbrin or not was Noflin:

Q. page, in Chapter III went Talmud report   Rival Amalek Kosfn said was what was doing was putting people on his Ginosia soon to say no man falls on his Ginosia. What did Moses mixed the Zodiac Training Base (Habakkuk c) Sun Moon was fertilizing etc. And it is written (there) gave voice groundwater Merom rum Lydia Lydia bore bore

R. Page, a third went eighth chapter of Talmud   gave voice groundwater. Samuel said (Dniiel h) and the military shall be given eternal Torah her ​​crime. (Name) and she cast the truth to the ground then when Israel Mslichin Torah to Israel kingdom idolaters that cut and plate of MT and she cast the truth to the ground and did and managed and there is no truth but Torah Lord your God which ensured he said (Proverbs W) truth bought and be sold wisdom and morality and intelligence. IR admit Bar Pazzi (Hosea h) Israel abandoned well and there is no enemy will pursue good but as’ Lord your God which ensured he said (Proverbs d) that I have given you a good lesson theoretical STAY:

Page R, A Chapter III went ninth year   so it (Numbers u) And the Lord said unto Moses did you burned out and put it on a miracle etc. that snake kills and revives but so long as Israel Msatachlin to Ellen and Msabdin the white their father in heaven were Mtrfain or not there were our reasons:

R. Page, a third chapter I went Talmud   IR chair to four locations in three states did to you and no one interpreted interpreted (Genesis) Make a box trees SULPHUR (Numbers s) did you two silver trumpets (Joshua E) did you swords Zuri ‘ (Numbers u) resin did you not interpreted. Moses said snake is mainly not. Therefore (there) And Moses serpent of brass. Where was RM requires names. Nash Bar passion one entertainment skies RM said failure was brought sight to Minya. Bar is bad Nash (heart things) that Hema reversed generation. R. Levi called Rabbi Hama Bach (Numbers u) and was bitten no text here but all bitten Even a dog bite even a snake bite. And Damiao dog bite snake will bite and looked. See Yoda Gozrie name of R. Aha dog bite is not his money and saw a snake biting it from us and looked and Rabbis said non-permeable dog bite and saw a snake bite and looked at it seeps:

R. Page, a third period went the matter   quietly a fool and not too many take out this duty all exempt from the rule regarding not take out many fulfill their obligation:

R. Page, a Chapter III went to the Talmud   but said the woman let her husband Abed Rabbo greets a woman so be it father congratulates her husband Abed Rabbo. Not so small his father AR Aha name of R. Jose bar Nohrii All that said Small to educate. Will be solved season after them. To Dtninn Taman who worked or woman or small instances it. And tortured them what they say and it will be illuminating. Come twenty white lights White takes ten:

New Year’s mask Section D

R. Page, a Section D went to a year   ‘s Good Day New Year fell on a Sabbath in the temple were who thrust but not in normal Mshachrb Temple radar Rib”z Shiho, who thrust ARA Beit Din that has not installed Rib”z Shiho, who thrust but only in Yavne Yavne told him one and one radar that has the Beit Din:

R. Page, in Chapter IV went a Talmud   Rabbi Abba bar Papa John and Rsb”l IR capitalization Itibon nineteenth difficulties Hamrin Tninn of RH fell on a Sabbath in the temple were who thrust but there is nothing in the Torah is even borderline rejects no Elite is also the Temple Torah not reject God has Kahane Hamrin Lia Dnishaol great man. Lia questionnaire Aten said failure it says (Numbers CC) days fanfare and it says (Leviticus lag) memory fanfare How so when it applies sand fanfare day when he fell on a Saturday memory fanfare Mzcirin but who thrust. See my friends tiny commander ‘Aolon and eye roasting Derby Levy demanded. Dalit let anyone in real secretion studio producer. And said Komyahun it says Day fanfare and it says memory fanfare How so when it applies sand fanfare day when he fell on a Saturday memory fanfare Mzcirin but who thrust. Now even the temple will not postpone conditions (where) of the month. Even now there are unwittingly he of the month will be postponed. Let Arsab (there) and sacrifice instead of victims Kanovich. Hamrin friends’ comic R. Jonah and spelling (Leviticus) and the transfer has been improved fanfare in the seventh month, etc. “Lon said that the moves in your country huh otherwise. Hamrin Lia or say that you Mabirin your country ha Otherwise the country between Mahal. IR dove while Eve spelling pass mouthpiece in your country I would say here and elsewhere rarely jam but in all your land here jam and elsewhere rarely:

R. Page, in Chapter IV went in a year   and more It was redundant to build Jerusalem every city she sees and hears and close and can come in Yavne, who thrust her and who thrust but there were no court only:

R. Page, in Chapter IV went in Talmud   and Shiho all these ways it. See and not Sumah such as Jerusalem Mlmaln and city Mlmtn and hear and does not see the mountain stops. See and hear and can not representative

S. Page, a Chapter IV went in Talmud   but a domain sees and hears and close and can not come to the stream stops. Rabbi Yonah in kind could come Eiruvin Lord your God which ensured that every city in Jerusalem said she sees and hears and can come close to and who thrust her and said even Yavne well. Jerusalem Torah and nearby towns Torah and Rib”z installing the Torah and build their words and nearby towns and Rib”z they say what they are saying and installs the regulation after installation. Rabbi Simon called Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi went from court and there were many Llosa, who thrust comic Shaba R. Simon even from house to house even Mtriklon Rabbi decrease AL me up here I heard:

S. Page, a C Section D sub went   lulav taken first temple was seven and one day in the temple proper Mshachrb Rib”z having to lulav in seven male was taken to the temple, which shall be the whole Nef day must not:

Page S, A Chapter IV went to C Talmud   is written (Leviticus W) and joy before the Lord your God seven days Ethan stipulation let the joy of whole Scripture speaks Ethan stipulation let the joy of the lulav Scripture speaks of Man who said that the joy of whole Scripture speaks first day Torah and other every day Torah and Rib”z installing the Torah on Simchat lulav Mann who said that talks on the first day written Torah and other every day they say and what they are saying Rib”z installing the regulation and other regulation. Hbriia LT Rabbi Yona several ensured Taman said a woman and sacrifice to God for seven days no seven without a Sabbath and Dkooth and joy before the Lord your God seven days no seven without a Sabbath. Lon said Nia is written, you shall take on the first part of the first of them. Now the temple declines and borderline not reject said Rabbi Yona which was written and take them before the Lord your God, I would say here jam and elsewhere rarely. But you shall take from anywhere and joy before the Lord your God seven days in Jerusalem:

Page S, A Chapter IV went fourth year   the first time were Mkblin evidence of the new day once they stayed witnesses from coming and spoiled the Levites song installed not Gorge Mkblin but to moderator came from the moderator and Lmaln the custom of the day sacred and tomorrow holy Mshachrb temple proper Rabbi Yochanan BZ Shiho Mkblin new evidence every day:

S. Page, in Chapter IV D went Talmud   said Rabbi Samuel bar Nahman from something that happened once fell syllable combs the city and came and took, and spoiled the Levites song. Rabbi Aha bar Papa comic R. Zeira Hbriia LT R. Samuel bar Nahman called the Rabbi told her. Lon said Dkootcon uncertain sight Rbrbin Seguin called Rival AL and R. I was not her taste Dallachh.Departing song of the Lord would say (Psalm tin) Bernina God its ear and Rosh Hashanah would say (there) I will remove from suffering like. There was a good day to be in God Prevailing View: Shacharit would say Bernini God its ear and Mincha would say I will remove from suffering like if they came from the moderator and Lmtn say Bernini God its ear were saying a song and Koflin him. Rabbi Ada Dkisrin name of Rabbi Yohanan thought took most of the day in holiness. Rabbi life bar was Rabbi Yochanan Commander Eileen Dcnisha Dcifra Sabine launcher and coughing up two Aimma and donkey Mdcrin time and gestates:

S. Page, in Chapter IV of the year went to   said Rabbi Joshua ben Korha this and other proper Winning Rabbi Yochanan ben court even head anywhere that witnesses Vhullachen Gorge but somewhere Committee:

S. Page, in Chapter IV of the Talmud went   lice waist, place the board of the Month:

S. Page, in Chapter IV went and changes   the order of greetings says heroic fathers and the sanctity of God and includes moves with them and does not stick sanctity of the day and blowing and blowing trumpets memories and stick and says working and Priestly Blessing Thanksgiving and Ri Ben Nouri words:

S. Page, in Chapter IV went and Talmud   Judea and Galilee RA used Crib”n past and did Galilean Jews and Jewish Galilee out.

Page As, a Chapter IV went and Talmud   and Cskidso the year last Sunday Usha R. Ishmael son of R. Yohanan Ben Brokaw and said the words Rib”n Rashbag said we were not customary to also Yavne. Last Monday R. Hananiah the son of a cylindrical ry IAA said the words that were said Rashbag is customary in Yavne. See Abahu name of R. helpful everywhere has enormous royal reminded not out apart from God’s Holy RH provided Supplement and Atiia Crib”n Rashbag says says sanctity of the day with memories and Atiia Rabbi Akiva. [Said] Rashbag what we found everywhere would say even here would say middle middle R. says what we found mM says Rabeh even here would say a fourth. Rabbi Yaakov Bar Aha R. Hanin long bar comes in the name of God CL Holy See was named Abba bar parked CL great and holy God forgive a lot. Rabbi Abba bar was named Jeremiah prayer he says, the God of David and builder of Jerusalem prophet is God says David grows salvation. Tes of Rosh Hashanah fell on a Sabbath Ethan Give stipulation Century and Seal opens Saturday and Ethan stipulation Let opens on Saturday and seal Yud Tes Rabbi says open on Saturday and seal the nineteenth Meanwhile on Saturday and see Pazzi named Yoda Bar Rival went as Rabbi:

Page As, a Chapter IV went G. matter   AL RA if it does not stick to the kings of why he mentions but says fathers and heroism and holiness of God and includes moves with the sanctity of the day and stick memories and blowing trumpets and stick and says working and thanksgiving and blessing of priests do not Fohtin who ‘moves Who’ Memories Who ‘trumpets Rib”n say if we said three out of three queens Mzcirin no memory mouthpiece of calamity begins and completes the Prophet Torah Rabbi Yossi says if completed turn out:

Page As, a seventh Section D went Talmud   no Fohtin who ‘moves against Y. praising David said (Psalms KN) these Hallelujah Praise Him in the sky to keep it holy Azzun etc. to Chti”h. Who’ memories against the ‘Confessions told Isaiah (Isaiah A. ) washed right is removed etc. well learned demanded a sentence etc. What is written Btrih go please and found the Lord said, et cetera. Who ‘trumpets against G sheep bull and a ram and a goat. deity Aolin him for his actions the words of Rabbi Yehuda R. Jose says not Aolin him. deity and moves it away years Aolin R. Joseph R. Judah says not Aolin. (Psalm SE) God TONE TONE TONE TONE Aolin We crowned him away years Dr. Yehuda R. Jose says not Aolin. R. Ai

Page As, in Section D G went Talmud   school and Debtera Fligin or bony Fligin School departing from what all Modine (Psalm SE) King of God on nations which is one of Hada told me, and speaks Fligin. (Ibid) either gates heads and carried Fathi world etc. Shaw gates heads and Shaw openings world first from A and one out in the words of Rabbi Yehuda R. Jose says the one from B and one from C: Rib”n say if we told C out. Huinn Severin Mimar three from each one will forget give even three of them all out. No Mzcirin memory and queens and mouthpiece of calamity memory is written (Psalm i) those male etc. kingdom is written (Ezekiel) as I live, saith the Lord God, if not a strong hand Vago has been improved as it is written (Jeremiah d) Did you hear that sound of the shofar blast psychological war: the Torah begins and completes the Prophet. What God Initially former IR lice Mtnita John R. Jose says needs to complete the Torah:

Page As, in Chapter IV went eighth year   before the Ark Yud Tes second blasts of Rosh Hashanah and at first praise Legend praised:

Page As, in Section D of H went Talmud   Rabbi Yaakov Bar-old boy named Rabbi Yochanan from something that happened once and was first stuck a different Sabourin whether they are Vhullachen and stood on them and killed them. Meego Dainon Hemi failure and audio Biblical pilgrimage and readers Torah, roasting and Tkain courtesy whack whack Hamrin our bosses. Hillel also said yes. Elite All Amman Taman. And he said yes even blowing Elite All Amman Taman. IR Jonah spelling (Isaiah Noah) and me every day this Idroshon Rival willow blowing and the name of Rabbi Alexander heard her from Hada (Psalm Q) heard the Lord right this Shema listened Rinatiyya

Page XXI, Section D went to a Talmud Report   this slander Torah listened to his prayer Z prayer without lips of deceit is added what is written Btrih legal thee out IR Aha bar Papa comic R. tiny Sniia supplement is mitzva today. IR said her likeness Kisriia Kriia Yes (Numbers power) and do fanfare day. See help me see Llosa called Rabbi Yossi Bar Ktzrta all victims spelling and sacrifice, and this is written, and do told them God because you moved to trial before the New Year and you went peacefully up I you like were created new creatures R. Msrshia name of R. Idi all victims spelling Assembly sin and sin no spelling God told them because you got up you yoke of Torah as if I have sinned against you ever seen:

Page XXI, Section D went to a ninth year   of Rosh Hashanah Shofar it must not skip this field and it does not Mfkhin and Aolin wave and Rocbin tree with on animal and Tin on the water and there Hotcin it did not regard it as return and regarding it as L”t but if you want to give into wine or water will give no indispensible babies Mltkoa but Mtaskin them to Shilmodo and fussing has come forward to hearing from fussing not out:

Page XXI, a ninth Section D Talmud went   lumbar lice ‘forbidden because of Return and Bl”t. said R. helpful Big Mtnita good day of Rosh Hashanah fell on a Sabbath and let Yes Mtlmdin Mltkoa Saturday babies do not indispensible Mltkoa on a good day:

Page here, a Chapter IV went to the sub-   order of blasts three by three three and rate Sticking to Three cheers rate fanfare to three sobs stuck his head and pulled the other twelve does not have the only one who greeted and later appointed him Shofar blowing and cheering and poking sticks and cheering and blowing C. ” F. Schatz must so as every individual must RG says S”tz spends many fulfill their obligation:

Page here, in Chapter IV went to the Talmud   we said one swelling. Give forget swelling said one out and whether Tninn order three by three blasts that sobs. Rabbi Abba bar tiny supreme long should applaud the name of a simple Rabbi Abba bar comes in the name of a large park does not need to root out evil which is simple Rabbi Chanina and Rabbi Mana One said Ahn Trimota and Hauran said three Dkikn. Rabbi Hanania concern Hada Dr. Mana and Hada Didan. And Baida Da said first plug and pulled a two second hand but no one Rabbi Abba bar Zmina name of Rabbi tiny single one he does not have. Why join her on a whirlwind finish top of her head and not her head Ethan joins an end and Sofa Ait her head. In one place, who thrust and place our knees Ethan stipulation Give walks in sticking Ethan stipulation let in blessing Mann who said that going to him for sticking when there is no day to stick Mann who said that going to him for blessing we have today to stick Nishmaina from Hada as R. Jacob bar Idi name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levy, who thrust in one place and one place in our knees walks in and is not going to stick him in welcome. And Baida said Da Good Day New Year fell on a Sabbath in one place, who thrust and place our knees going to him for blessing and not going to him for sticking to what everyone unwittingly stick and there is all unwittingly congratulate else a person takes out by fellow blowing and there is no one out by fellow welcome. Good Day New Year fell on a Sabbath day not having to drive there and he said going in welcome. Hada said Fligon. Rabbi Gamliel says the prayer leader takes the many fulfill their obligation R. great Dtziforin parked the name of Rabbi Yohanan went to Rabban Gamliel Ilin Tkiath. Rabbi tiny multi Bethesda capitalization Itibin Taman Btkiata from Dtzlon the Tzlota Camille Chisda mainly roasting Lia said Rabbi Zeira not been Tzlinn He said to him Mtzlina and roast again

Hon page, a Chapter IV went the Talmud   Dnhton Western and Hamrin Taman name of Rabbi Yohanan went to Rabban Gamliel and please Ilin Tkiath real way operation. Which way operation issued by duty. Rabbi Zeira and Iait all Tniia give her the name of Rabbi Gamliel and Rabbi Hoshaya give her the name smart. Rabbi Ada Dkisrin named ry nature and will be there in advance desalination said Tanhum Jeremiah Mtnita order also said softly says fathers and heroism and holiness of God: