Tu Bishvat Customs

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Tu Bishvat Shevat is the name on the fifteenth day of the holiday is derived from the Hebrew date. “You” 15. Tu Bishvat is a relatively recent up to the name, adding that the numerical value of 9 and 6 theHebrew letters Tet and Vav, stands for; Date than originally “Shevat, the fifteenth” which means’ Ḥamisha impact BiShvat ”

Tu Bishvat Customs

Tonight, Tuesday night, marks Tu Bishvat. There are unique customs observed on the night of Tu Bishvat, as we shall explain.

The Prohibition of Fasting and the Customary Reading of the Zohar
It is forbidden to fast on the day of Tu Bishvat. Some customarily hold an order of learning on the eve of Tu Bishvat and read portions of the Mishnah and Zohar that are associated with this special day. Hagaon Harav Yaakov Rokach zt”l compiled a special book for the order of this night called “Peri…

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