The Coming Religious Purges

Now that SCOTUS has endorsed same-sex marriage as a human right and enshrined it as federal law, those individuals and communities of traditional faith will see their religious freedom curtailed in a series of multi-pronged assaults.

It is vital to understand that the left is not really interested in marriage equality; they are playing a game of bait and switch. The objective of the radical left/Democrat Party is to subvert the traditional family and erase gender boundaries.


The long-range goal is to gain cultural hegemony over the American people. Politics flows from culture — not the other way around. Control the culture and you gain political power. This is something at which the left excels. The only conservative figure who understood and used cultural hegemony as a political tactic was Andrew Breitbart. That is why the left hated him with such a passion, and why they ghoulishly celebrated his tragic death.

The left will continue to gain cultural hegemony with the aid of the liberal media through endless celebrations of Bruce Caitlyn Jenner and those like him. Of course, the powerful propaganda machinery of Hollywood will grind on as well, drenching viewers in so-called reality shows — in truth, they are heavily scripted — about gender-bending people who should be viewed with compassion rather than glorification.

We will now witness religious persecution and cultural purges by the HomoFascists of the left including but certainly not limited to the following strategies:

  1. Chaplains in the United States Armed Forces are now legally obligated to perform same-sex marriages. Thus Orthodox Jewish rabbis, who make up the majority of Jewish chaplains, will be forced to resign their commissions, as will traditional Christian chaplains. I suspect that Muslim clergy will hang on in the armed forces. Gay Muslims will be reluctant activists for fear of being decapitated.

  2. Traditional churches and synagogues will be threatened with losing their tax-exempt status when they refuse to perform same-sex marriages. We can expect gay activists to start their cultural revolution almost immediately. Just as they ambushed and destroyed wedding photographers and bakeries owned by pious Christians, they will vigorously persecute traditional religious institutions. Once again, I don’t think mosques will be attacked in the same way simply because there is an army of murderous Muslims who will intimidate gay Muslims into submission.

  3. Public schools are already infested with LGBT propaganda. We can expect textbooks to be rewritten so that American children are taught that there is no difference between a family with a mommy and daddy and one with a gay couple, and that all forms of sexuality are not just tolerated but celebrated. The psychic damage on impressionable children will be incalculable.

  4. The Torah and the Christian Bible will be labeled hate documents. We can expect Soviet-style editing on those good books.

  5. The move to legalize polygamy will begin in earnest sometime in the next few months. Unlike same-sex marriage, polygamy has a long human history. Keep in mind that the arguments for same-sex marriage rest upon the proposition that the dignity of love must be extended to gay citizens. In short, love is the final arbiter. But why should love depend on two people? The number is arbitrary. Why not one man and two women, or three men, or three women? How about one woman and two men? The permutations for love are infinite. I see no reason why same-sex marriage should be declared the law of the land while polygamy is somehow a bridge too far. Sharia-yearning Muslims, not the LDS, will lead the movement to legalize polygamy.

The irony of the coming polygamy movement is that it will inevitably result in a sharia-compliant society — and the gay activists who were the movement’s trailblazers will be that society’s first victims.

Conservatives have always been challenged to explain how legalized same-sex marriage threatens our lifestyle.

The purges that are coming will fully unmask legalized same-sex marriage as a ruthless engine of religious intolerance and Maoist-inspired suppression of dissent.

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