Derekh d’Kehilla

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Derekh d’Kehilla

Sample Passages From
Translated from the Original Aramaic
A First Century Manuscript of the
Ancient and Holy Assembly of 
Note: The titles in bold above various passages are not a part of the original text.

On the Organisation of the Holy Assembly

In every region, those in authority over you in Jerusalem shall appoint bishops, elders and deacons among you for the proper administration of the Church of Alaha throughout all the world. And let nothing take place without the notice and approval of the bishop appointed over your region.

It is the duty of all those who profess faith in Yeshua Mshikha bar Alaha to come together on each Shabbat to hear the Torah for instruction in doing what Torah teaches the people of Alaha to do with their hands and with their hearts and their mouths. The congregation should read from Torah and…

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