Lesson 34






The blood of the Lamb cancels every curse of Egypt at your door. The following is not meant to add conditions to salvation but is intended instead to show what is entailed in repentance and the new birth and in walking in the Spirit in a life that is pleasing to G-d. For the curse that Moshiach took for us in his body on the Tree is a generational curse, the curse being the wrath of G-d in action against, among other things, the vain way of life handed down to us generationally (see 1Pe 1:18 and 1Pe 2:24).

Now imagine this scenario. A five year old little boy is walking around in a tavern. His father is singing and playing the guitar on the little stage by the liquor shelf on the wall next to the bartender. The little boy’s mother is, unbeknowns to her, walking around with terminal cancer and will be dead in a few months. However, tonight she is having a very good time making eyes at the handsome bartender, with whom she is conducting an adulterous affair, to which her musician husband with the guitar seems to be oblivious.

Now flash forward several decades. Once again we are in a tavern. Now the five year old little boy is a middle aged man. Tonight his wife is sitting on the stage singing and playing the guitar. Also tonight an attractive young lady is working behind the bar. Because of what happened to his mother, the now grown-up middle aged man has a morbid fear of cancer. However, tonight, lacking sufficient fear of G-d, lacking a minister’s prophetic exhortation and a minister’s preaching of deliverance and salvation, the middle aged man is trying to distract himself from his fears by conducting an adulterous affair with the attractive young lady bartender.

Do you see the generational curse at work? Look at this Scripture in the Torah: Exodus 34:6-7. Also Deuteronomy 11:26-28. The Aseres HaDibros are not Ten Suggestions, they are Ten Commandments. They carry covenant reprisals. These are called curses. Amnon, if you think there is nothing to this doctrine (that the, let’s say, Seventh Commandment, the sexual commandment, has covenant reprisals)…Amnon, if you don’t believe there is such a thing as generational iniquity and its consequences, then don’t try to get Tamar or David or Natan haNavi to agree with you. The Bible does not teach that Amnon is judged by G-d for the sin of David with Bathsheba; the Bible says that Amnon is judged by G-d for the sin of Amnon with Tamar (see also Ezek 18:19). But you (yes, I’m talking about you), Amnon, if you have a pornographic fixation in your heart (in the last days there will be a great apostasy and the love of the hearts of the Amnons in the House of the L-rd will grow cold)…if you have a pornographic fixation in your heart on your own Tamar like your father did his Bathsheba, and if you take a cavalier and stubborn attitude toward prayer for deliverance and for the family’s generational healing, then you are walking in presumption and ignorance and need a complete spiritual turnaround. Do you not understand that Moshiach redeemed us from the curse of the Seventh Commandment, becoming a curse for us? Moshiach did not die because you occasionally have a “bad hair” day. Moshiach interposed himself to shield you from the curses that are pursuing you down through the generations, for the curse that I was to receive in fact ended at the at the Etz Chayim. There may be tribulation and persecution and temptation, but if there is faith and repentance and a mikveh of repentance and prayer and fasting and a new birth, then there is a new covenant and I am no longer a “Lot’s wife” or a “lingering Lot” (see Gen 19) and I am no longer walking under a curse.

But do you want to go to the other extreme and say there never was a curse to begin with? So I suppose if you were President Kennedy’s spiritual advisor on November 22, 1963, and you had an opportunity to counsel him before he deplaned at Dallas Airport, your goyishe gospel would be something like this: “President Kennedy, I want to talk to you about your best life now. Don’t get down on yourself. I’m not going to talk to you about your sins. Besides, you yourself can make a new life and have your best life now. A beautiful family. A beautiful wife. A beautiful home. Beautiful children. Financial prosperity. Yes, President Kennedy, if you listen to me you can prosper and be rich. Just get your thinking straight. Stop being down on yourself.” Or would you speak to him about generational curses, and about his reckless besetting sins of the fathers, that he is his own worst enemy, his own evil desires at war against his eternal soul (1Pet 2:11) [unrepentant evil-desiring libertines will burn in the lake of fire]? Would you emphasize the need for him to not lose his head because the devil has him in the cross-hairs of his telescopic rifle and is searching and looking to blow his head off (1Pet 5:8)? Would you preach the true Jewish Gospel about the firey Shoah curses of the Torah in Deuteronomy chapter 28 and would you preach that in fact G-d’s severity (Ro 11:22) should sober him and make him vigilant to cry out to the Savior to be delivered from generational curses and brought by repentance to a true spiritual turn-around from death to life and from darkness to light so as to be saved from the eternal fire of gehinnom? Or do you want to go to the other extreme and say that no one ever had a curse to begin with? You say you want to be saved…saved from what? Moshiach has redeemed us from the curse of the Torah. Otherwise, without that very redemption, Moshiach would say to us, “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire” (Mt 25:41). Your salvation includes deliverance from generational curses. This is where you need to understand the Passover and not succomb to a goyishe false gospel. Read the following to understand the curse and why some are sick and some have fallen asleep because they do partake of the Seudas Moshiach unworthily (1 Cor chapter 11), not discerning the body and blood of the Pesach Lamb who alone diverts the curse from your door and who alone makes possible an exodus of deliverance from that curse.

Do you want to dismiss the role of Moshiach in taking your curse and do you then want to go ahead and REFUSE to repent and INSTEAD perpetuate your grandfather’s anger? Your great grandfather’s philandering? Your mother’s food dependency? Your maternal uncle’s perversion? Or do you want freedom from this bondage? How to break generational curses is explained at Leviticus 26:39-42 and on this webpage.

See Numbers 14:18; See also Deuteronomy 5:9. One of the great blessings of salvation is that the curse is broken generationally. Whereas there was generational iniquity such as adultery in generation after generation in a given family, once a member of the family comes to the Moshiach, there is hope for the family in subsequent generations because the children and grandchildren of the new korban chai bria chadasha believer in the family have the holy witness of Hashem and the Bar Enosh and the Ruach Hakodesh. As Ezekiel says in 18:30-32, Repent and turn yourself from all your transgressions so that iniquity will not be your ruin. For the secret of the L-rd is with those who fear Him, and He will show them his covenant. (Ps 25:14).

If a family wants to sow seeds of sin down through its generations, G-d is not mocked. Divine judgments will follow.

See the Scriptures on Hell or Gehinnom: especially Daniel 12:2 and Isaiah 66:24 and Mt 5:22 and Mt 5:29-30 and Mt 7:13 and Mt 7:23 and Mt 8:12 and Mt 8:29 and Mt 10:28 and Mt 13:42 and Mt 13:49-50 and Mt 18:6-9 and Mt 22:13 and Mt 23:33 and Mt 24:51 and Mt 25:30 and Mt 25:41 and Mt 25:46 and Mt 26:24 and Mk 1:24 and Mk 5:7 and Mk 9:43 and Mk 9:45 and Mk 9:47-48 and Lk 3:17 and Lk 4:34 and Lk 12:5 and Lk 13:3 and Lk 13:5 and Lk 16:23-25 and Lk 16:28 and Yn 3:16-18 and Yn 3:36 and Yn 5:28-29 and Yn 8:21, 24 and Ac 10:42 and Ac 17:31 and Ro 2:5 and Ro 2:8-9 and Ro 2:12 and Ro 6:23 and Ro 9:3,22 and 1Co 11:32 and 2Co 2:15-16 and 2Co 4:3 and Gal 1:8-9 and Gal 6:8 and Eph 5:6 and Phil 1:28 and Phil 3:19 and Col 3:6 and 1Th 1:10 and 1Th 5:3,9 and 2Th 1:8-9 and 2Th 2:10 and MJ 6:2 and MJ 9:27 and MJ 10:27,39 and Ya 4:12 and 2K 2:1,3,4,9,12,17 and 2K 3:7 and Yd 4,6,7,13 and Rv 2:11 and Rv 6:16-17 and Rv 11:18 and Rv 14:10-11 and Rv 14:19 and Rv 16:19 and Rv 17:8,11 and Rv 18:8,9,18 and Rv 19:3 and Rv 19:15 and Rv 19:20 and Rv 20:10, 14-15; and Rv 21:8 and Rv 22:15.

Now let’s stop and analyze the generational curse we are using as an illustration. This is based on a true story. We have a five-year-old boy who has become a middle-aged man. Let’s take another look at his adulterous mother. When this woman was a five year old girl, she was an abused child. Her father had an idol of lust. Her wicked father threw the child’s mother out of the house and visited the prostitutes on a weekly basis. Here we see the sins of the fathers visited on the children to the third and fourth generation. The little girl used to sit in her dad’s pick-up truck while he amused himself in a house of ill-repute. Here we see the root of the generational curse. This terrible besetting sin will have consequences for generations. The Seventh Commandment was broken and an evil idol of lust took root in the family line under a generational curse that will affect grandfather, daughter, grandson, and great-grandson unless someone in the family line turns to the L-rd. You see, your mistake is that you think becoming born twice and sanctified is a low-priority or no-priority decision. Your mistake is that you don’t believe in generational iniquities and the need to understand what Rom 7:18 is all about and and what is involved in fighting the devil. What you don’t understand is that in the true story I am describing, when that grandfather came out of the brothel, a divine projectile was fired, a curse of covenant reprisal, with a trajectory of 100 years, from 1920 to the year 2000, if one uses the “professional” definition of a generation as 20 years. The children and the grandchildren and great-grandchidren will be running from that bullet from 1920 to 2000 (do you see why you need a “bullet proof vest” [the breastplate of Moshiach Tzidkeinu’s imputed righteousness] and the “whole armor of G-d”?) and will have no shield from it except Yeshua the Exodus Lamb, who redeemed us from the idols and curses and bondage of Egypt and “who redeemed us from the curse of the Torah, becoming a curse for us” Gal 3:13. Thank G-d that in the real-life illustration given here, salvation came in the third and fourth generations and the curse was cancelled and the family line was healed, as it says, “You shall be saved and your household.” (Ac 16:31).

In another family, the FIFTH commandment had been broken, and a deep hatred existed with a generational iniquity wherein the father hated his father and the grandson hated his father. Before the grandson and the father prayed to receive the L-rd, the minister said to them, “Yeshua says that ‘unless you forgive, you will not be forgiven.’ So the father needs to forgive his father, and the grandson needs to forgive his father.” Then the generational curse was broken when the father and the son prayed to receive the L-rd. Look at the last verse in Malachi where the hearts of the fathers will be turned to their children and the hearts of the children will be turned to their father, “or else,” the text in Malachi reads, “I will smite the land with a curse.” Pray against generational curses.

Now let’s see what happens. Let’s speak about the five-year-old boy when he becomes a middle-aged man. Okay, he comes to deliverance and salvation and becomes a congregational member and is called into the ministry.

Then, once in the ministry, let’s suppose that the devil comes to sift his flesh like wheat. How does he fight the good fight? What does he do? Listen carefully. He takes his stand on 1Pet 1:14, resolving not to conform himself to his former lusts, as formerly in his ignorance. He resolves not to overstep the L-rd by satisfying his evil desires. He resolves to abstain from fleshly lusts, knowing that Moshiach died that we might live for righteousness (1Pet 2:24), receiving the end of our faith–the salvation of our souls (1Pet 1:9), which necessitates abstaining from fleshly desires that war against our souls (1 Pet 2:11). What do we mean “war against the soul”–well, Gal 5:19-21 says that those souls that practise fleshly works will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. So he fights the good fight against the besetting sin associated with the generational curse by bringing every thought captive to obey Moshiach; by learning to rebuke the thoughts of the flesh and the thoughts of the enemy; by being filled with the Ruach Hakodesh; by learning to do spiritual warfare; by meditating on the blood of the Lamb that purchases our redemption from every sin and its curse; by understanding that Moshiach took our curse and set us free from it, so the victory over this generational curse can be won, has been won, by Moshiach our Korban Pesach, our Exodus ransom from the idols and curses of Egypt. When Satan puts a tempting thought into his mind, he rebukes the thought and quotes Scripture and says, “I rebuke that thought of demonic temptation. Get behind me, Satan. I am a one-woman man, devoted to my wife who is (Mishlei 5:16-23) my one-and-only according to 1T 3:2, and I must be a clean vessel fit for the Master’s use. So I confess that evil thought and renounce it and rebuke it and forsake that evil imagination of the heart, confessing my sins, knowing he is faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.” Then seek the deliverance music and other spiritual gifts and plunge all your thoughts and concentration into the study and meditation of Scripture. In this way you will be like Yosef ben Ya’akov, who ran from Potiphar’s wife and kept his heart centered as he stood flooded in the force field of prophetic dreams and visions of Scripture, not the force field of the eyelids (Mishlei 6:25) of the immoral woman. You will not be like Ananias and Saphira. G-d was searching the heart of Ananias and Saphira in Act chapter 5, but they lacked yires Hashem and put the L-rd to the test allowing Satan to fill their heart and corrupt the holy of holies Song of Songs inner person with wiley greed and conspiratorial lying deceit.

Today we have neo-pentecostal neo-evangelical liberal seminary professors cloistered in the upwardly mobile ivory tower of academia who hypocritically speak of the sufficiency of Scripture and yet sniff at exorcisms in spite of our canonical text (Mk 16:17). Some of them would say what is written here is heresy, that believers need not learn about demons and curses and the deliverance we have from such in Yeshua. They would say, “There are no generational curses associated with Freemasonry.” But they are wrong, because everything here IS Scriptural, showing what a great deliverance and salvation we have in the blood of the Lamb. When Rav Shaul was in a very dicey situation he resolved to KNOW NOTHING among the sinners in the kehillah EXCEPT the Lamb of G-d and his Korban Kaporah Blood atonement on the Tree (See 1Cor 2:2). Repeat to yourself about 10,000 times a day, “I thank you Yeshua for your blood that cleanses me from all my sins and gives me my assurance of salvation” and you will get past every temptation.