Maran Yeshua

How To Know Hashem

Aramaic Pathways

Rev. Dr. Roscoe

Good morning there’s several scriptures
I’m going to read to you but one don’t
bother to turn to us you know it by
heart because it is said here all the
time but the one you may want to turn to
is in first John but the first one I’m
gonna read to you is well I’ll just
quote it but I’m going to be quoting it
from the Aramaic translation and but I’m
gonna give you then I’ll tell you what
the Hebrew says because they’re
different and this the one that you are
familiar with is Psalm 46:10 and what
you hear all the time is be still and
know that I am Hashem Dr. Lam’s a–
translates it from Aramaic because the
word in Aramaic is different from the
Hebrew and Aramaic it says to a wool
which means you several ways to
translated and Dr. Lam’s it translates
it repent repent and know that I am Hashem
the problem is why I don’t care for the
term repent is because of what we made
of it here in the West it is a good word
but we’ve lost the meaning of it from
the Semitic languages so I translate it
turn to me and know that I am Hashem the
word repent means to turn toward to make
a whole movement toward something and by
doing that
what repent means turn to Hashem and know
that I am Hashem when Yeshua used it in his
speaking he used the word repent meaning
to turn to Hashem also and so that’s what
it means in the Aramaic
but the emphasis I want is knowing Hashem
and that’s what I would title this talk
this morning is knowing Hashem how do you
know that you know Hashem okay now I’m
gonna read those other scriptures and if
you have your Bibles you may turn to
them first John this is New Testament
fourth chapter the seventh and eighth
verses and then we’re going to jump
clear to the 18th my beloved let us love
one another for love is from Hashem and
everyone who loves is born of Hashem and
what knows Hashem he who does not love does
not know Hashem because Hashem is love now
turn to the 18th verse of that same
chapter there is no fear in love but
perfect love does what
cast out fear because what fear is
tormenting he who fears is not made
perfect in love he who fears is not made
perfect in love I know I’m going to be
talking about knowing Hashem but I want to
talk about fear for a moment what
generates fear when we don’t know
something we have fear when you know
then there’s no fear but what what feeds
fear what is the cradle of fear what is
the womb of fear or another way to put
it what is the mother of fear the mother
of what nourishes fear and brings forth
fear is ignorant ignorant and the word
ignorant it’s interesting
it means comes from the word to ignore
to ignore so when we are ignorant we are
ignoring something we’re not seeing it
so fear takes over and torment takes
over fear fear can only be cured by love
now we have several things involved in
this this is this is a lot involved in
this this morning
concerning fear and concerning love and
concerning Hashem turn to Hashem and know that
I am Hashem how do we know Hashem you know
people think studying the Torah and Apostolic writings will
help them know Hashem I would say be
careful because people don’t know how to
read scripture because what is ignored
in Torah and Apostolic writings study is the culture the
psychology what was behind the verse
when you just take the verse surface
you will never know Hashem and people
always say you know they take the Bible
and hunger to themselves
one of the biggest idolatresses in America
is the worship of the Torah and Apostolic writings now you know
I’m not denigrating the Torah and Apostolic writings because
I’m a Torah and Apostolic writings teacher but I believe in
putting it in his right place Hashem is
above the Torah and Apostolic writings and people have to
realize that the Torah and Apostolic writings is a story of
transcending consciousness I keep saying
that over and over again because people
don’t realize it in other words when
certain books were written certain
things were said about Hashem that’s where
the consciousness of the person was at
that time when that word was penned so
therefore you have contradictions all
through the Torah and Apostolic writings what it climaxes is in
Yeshua who unveiled the complete meaning
of Hashem he had an infinite understanding
of Hashem this is why he never quoted
scripture he was Jewish by faith when to
the synagogue was brought up in the
synagogue went to the temple did all
that but he knew what the actions of Hashem
are when we say no Hashem it doesn’t mean
we figure Hashem out it doesn’t mean you
figured Hashem out and you can put it down
just like the bunch of men got around a
table and they figured the Hashem hat
G_D head out three persons in one I mean
that sounds pretty good doesn’t it
three persons in one and then it became
a doctrine and then people fight over do
you believe in three do you believe in –
do you believe in one that’s not knowing
Hashem it’s not being able to figure out
Hashem knowing Hashem I love the way that’s
put so simply by the writer of the Epistle of John
he says he who loves knows Hashem doesn’t
mean figured Hashem out knowing Hashem means
I’m filled with love and where there’s
love there can be no fear because love
drives out ignorant which has been
feeding fear and we’re always worried
about other people’s beliefs leave them
alone leave them alone
if they want is some people you know
like a lot of people when they come to
me and for counseling and stuff I always
just listen and then I always tell them
are you enjoying wallowing in the Pigpen
I remember the old book that we used to
read many many many years ago pilgrims
progress in the slough of despondence well I
mean this is what it’s all about it
about the pilgrims progress you know and
what he goes through and the changes and
you have to let people go through what
they need to go through you can’t make
them believe what you believe but what
you can do what you can do is let the
love of Hashem show in other words don’t
try to change the person’s thinking let
the love of Hashem come through you that is
what reveals Hashem they may not know it
because I think I’ve got Hashem figured out
you know that would just like people
think Hashem is angry because the Bible
says so Hashem is angry Hashem never gets
angry Hashem doesn’t know anything about
anger we attributed anger
to Hashem because we try to figure out when
things go wrong Hashem must be against us
isn’t that human reasoning but when you
understand that Hashem is not a person that
Hashem is the very essence and presence and
power and energy of love it is the very
love itself it’s not and let me tell you
you can’t figure love out either come on
now thank you
you can rattle that thing you cannot
figure love out when we say love is and
then we put something love is this love
it no no love is universal and it’s
something that is born in us but as we
grow up we learn to take on the
prejudice bias of our parents of the
church of religion and what happens is
the love gets smothered except children
children we’re told I was told when I
was a child never to play with another
child why what did that child do well in
the Italian let me tell you know we have
our prejudices too you know
in the Italian background we don’t
associate what we call the CG Leonce
and in the time we call him Sid
Gillian’s because the Mafia comes from
them but right around the block wise to
live in New York in Astoria Long Island
right around the block there was another
boy but he happened to be Sicilian and
my mama does a don’t let me catch you
playing with that boy so I made sure she
never caught me it was always on the Qt
but what was that
what did that little boy do what did he
do absolutely nothing but but I wanted
someone to play with
hmm so and then he had his sister too
and if the sister joined in that would
be fine we go skating together but we
made sure we never skated in the block
where I would be seen we skated other
places but in other words this is what
happens to us when we look at
individuals when we look at someone with
a different color skin or when we look
at someone who is sexually practicing
different than what we do right
there is that there is that prejudice
but you see love knows no bounds love
knows nothing of division and separation
love is a healer love bonds love brings
things together love is a cement in
humanity and until we as people begin to
know Hashem for knowing Hashem is knowing love
and when you know love you’re not afraid
of people of other color you’re not
afraid of someone who Sid Leon right
you’re not afraid of slanted eyes
because ignorance no longer dominates
you you see love dominates you and when
love dominates you there is no fear fear
is tormenting and let me tell you we’ve
been for the last eight years under fear
everything coming and coming and it’s
the same thing now even with the h1n1
come on out fear be afraid
and you listen to listen to do these
fear mongers listen to them on the radio
be afraid of Obama and they’re putting
stuff on the internet and everything
fear fear fear where is the love where
is the fear be afraid up they’ll take
over that’s why the Southern Baptist
Church won’t allow them in the pulpit
the men don’t want the women taking over
instead of mutuality love creates
mutuality not dominance not dominance
and this is the problem with husband and
wife the male should be dominant the
Torah and Apostolic writings says so he’s the head and the head
of him is Hashem and the woman’s there
that’s Torah and Apostolic writings knowing Hashem knowing the
you better know the Torah and Apostolic writings correctly
because if you don’t you’ll live in Hell
in torment I know I go everywhere just
recently when I was in Jonesboro this
one woman came to me after the service I
spoke on what was the Lord’s Prayer and
afterwards which came up to me tears was
just pouring down her cheeks and I said
what’s the matter she says it was your
message and and her husband was with her
and I said well what did I say that that
upset she says oh no it didn’t upset me
if she says I’ve lived in fear of Hashem
all these years she says and you remove
that fear I said I didn’t remove it I
didn’t remove it you removed it when you
heard the truth you removed it we are
not powerless but the problem is we’re
not hearing truth we’re not hearing love
we’re not hearing joy we’re not hearing
these things and when you don’t hear
these things
it feeds fear because it’s ignorant it
ignores truth it ignores love it ignores
the simple mean we are one people there
is not such a thing as many many
divisive people no we just have a color
just like flowers have color for high
and the human family is like a bouquet
right different shapes and sizes you
know you have some flowers that are so
big and you have some flowers that come
up like matchsticks right and then all
kinds of colors and all kinds of angles
right and the human family is out just
think all in botany and everywhere else
everything gets along but except us and
we’re supposed to be the superior
species when you know Hashem you know love
and when you love you know Hashem because
perfect love what this means is you have
matured see it’s not that love love
can’t be measured you know this much
love and that much love no no no that’s
your likes and dislikes now likes and
dislikes can be measured because we have
certain measures for people you know
like your friends you’ve got to measure
like this and your loved ones like this
some relatives right and then some other
and then others yet just that’s like in
this like that’s not love love is always
open it doesn’t mean you’re fooled by
people you know may know but but you’re
the only antidote to someone who is
irritating well maybe I shouldn’t say
that you ever meet irritating people how
about at work there’s only one antidote
if someone’s getting on your nerves get
filled with love no Hashem see well we
think of knowing Hashem we’re always
thinking of it as I said figuring Hashem
out when knowing Hashem means I know Hashem
when I’m at work I know Hashem when I’m
with relatives I know Hashem you understand
what I be knowing Hashem meaning letting
that love come through right this is
what knowing Hashem is and the torment
leaves you this there’s nothing greater
than love because when you love you also
forgive and it doesn’t matter what that
other person does they could still be
carrying on doing the same old things
they always do and just but you still
love anyway you love and and and but
that’s you get beyond yourself beyond
your likes and dislikes you see we’re
all born with love we’re all but we’re
not continually nourished by love
who are nourished by opinions nourished
by theories nourished by and these
theories can be prejudiced and biased
and what gives them power is when I use
this book I call the Torah and Apostolic writings and make it
my authority to back up my prejudice my
hatred of course you know at the Bible
they say don’t associate with
such-and-such you know good thing Yeshua
hadn’t read what Paul wrote because he
wouldn’t have been with harlots because
Paul says shun the very appearance of
evil and where was Yeshua you see what I
mean about the Torah and Apostolic writings and people love to
take isolated scriptures and take it and
make a big club out of it because that
gives me power
I’ve got scripture to back me up and if
I have scripture to back me up I’ve got
power shun the very appearance of evil
well that would have condemned Yeshua
because he wasn’t shunning the
appearance of evil he sat with it ate
with it and even the Apostles they
felt mighty peculiar when they had gone
into the city to get some bread and came
and found him talking to a woman at the
well because lovers secretly meet at the
well because that’s the only legitimate
place in the ancient world you could
talk with a woman and get away with it
meeting at the well
in fact sweethearts that hadn’t made eye
contact here and there they would always
wait for them to come to the well when
the women would go and the women go to
get the water of course unless they send
children but they would go to the well
and get the water and then the man comes
by and says I’m thirsty may I have
something to drink and when the apostles
came back and saw Yeshua at the well
talking to the woman of Samaria right
and said they said not a word but they
were thinking plenty come on now because
they knew where secret rendezvous took
place this is this is the Near East the
ancient Near East there’s a little more
open than that but that some of them
still veil and cover themselves and and
a lot of Islam carries on the old
ancient ways but in Christianity in some
places like Turkey and stuff it’s you do
what you want to do I mean you can
either veil or be unveiled and but just
do the women still have to be careful
because even if a daughter’s caught
talking to a man the father will take
the woman the daughter and killer and
the father will not go to jail nor be
penalized in fact this is a problem
they’re facing in Europe now and in
different countries how are we – how are
the different governments going to allow
them to murder their children because
they don’t follow this Eastern style you
see I don’t care I don’t care if I’m in
America I buy by the rules of America if
I’m in Europe I abide by the Rosenman
and I don’t care what the religious
thing is why do they think they should
be separate from everyone else no no how
you’re different from the world is where
the world promotes hate and violence and
prejudice and bias
the true faith promotes love
understanding and acceptance and
receiving that’s the difference that’s a
difference and but I tell you the
government’s are running scared everyone
is running scared that’s because they
don’t know the truth the truth of what
Yeshua is or even in the end in the
scriptures themselves that Hashem is love
someone handed me an article recently I
didn’t even know this had happened but
you know Jimmy Carter quit the Southern
Baptist Church why why because of their
prejudice against women and the
minister’s clothe themselves in the
scriptures stay wear it like a road
you’re a woman you stay put
you’re a woman you stay put Dr. Barber
would really be in trouble but look how
I come though I don’t come as someone
nasty or mean I come clothed in
Scripture how do you think you were we
were able to keep you in slavery so long
The ministers Presbyterian met that as
different ministers not all of them
there was several that we’re fighting
had broke into two groups
it broke into two groups but they put on
the robes of scripture to condemn and
make sure you stayed in your place right
and it’s the same thing with gay people
we come clothed with Scripture and even
though we misinterpret the scripture
we’re wearing
dividing dividing don’t you see what
that does
divides asset separates me from another
human being we got to remember that
regardless of people people are people
some are really good and some are really
bad right and it doesn’t make any
difference what this color is or how the
eyes are right or what person I or
someone else may love right and so
there’s only one antidote for us today
and that’s understanding the true love
of Hashem when you know Hashem you love and
when you love you know Hashem religion is
too simple what do we do to our children
what are we doing to our children hmm
this is innate in them I can’t tell you
how many times I’ve been speaking on
this now since my late 20s and I’m 73
now so here all this time people used to
come to me all the time you know when
they heard me speak I’ve always known it
but I just didn’t have the scripture no
you just didn’t have the knowledge the
background of the Torah and Apostolic writings not the
scripture you didn’t have the background
of the Torah and Apostolic writings I said neither did I but I
was always searching I didn’t want to
say ignorant I got all kinds of Bible
translations I got all these things you
know and I thought I’ve got to find out
my own wife was worried about me when
she saw me reading the Quran when she
saw me reading the the Gita when she saw
me reading all this is what are you
doing are you abandoning Christianity I
said no I’ve got to
no there’s something missing there’s
something missing and I can’t answer a
lot of these questions people are asking
me out to buy about the Torah and Apostolic writings and then
that faithful day came and I always you
know I used to pray sometimes four and
five hours a day sit in meditation and
prayer and Search Search all the time
scripture and different things like that
but something is missing here what is it
because something in me is not agreeing
with what I’m hearing here but I
couldn’t put my finger on it
just couldn’t do it something is missing
here and then I’ll never forget that day
when I was speaking in the Northside of
San Antonio
with a group of people there about 20 22
something like that it varied it was
Methodist Episcopal various but several
them had received the baptism of the
Spirit and spoke in tongues and it was
becoming more ecumenical you know mixing
there was Roman Catholics and all of
them this was in the 60s 1960s when
there came a whole new movement I’m not
talking about the old Pentecostal when
talking about when it broke out in the
Roman Catholic Church when it went in
the Episcopal Church when it went
everywhere and they were calling it the
glossolalia which is the Greek word for
it and and so they asked me to speak on
the north side of town at this home and
in this home lieutenant-colonel Marvin
Lucas he was in the Batan March they
didn’t think he would survive because
when they found him after that march you
know at the World War two he was just
bone with skin put over it but he
survived it and he had a wonderful story
to tell I was in his home in teaching
and that they asked me to teach the book
of the revelation I said I won’t do it
I just finished Genesis I says why won’t
you teach revelation I said because
no one agrees on it it puts fear in you
it talks about judgment and all that’s a
message and it you know what I said all
the books I’ve read on the book of the
revelation they all contradict each
other and they’re all interpreting it
differently and and what the ministers
do is they say the end of the world is
gonna come I remember reading books at
the end of the world was gonna come in
nineteen seventy five seventy five has
come and gone then they moved it to two
thousand it’s gone and now we’ve got the
Mayan calendar talking about 12 2012
okay and these people who are so talking
about fear anything they always talk
about you know I can hardly wait to get
to heaven well then if we were
everything gonna end in 12 then we’ll
all get to heaven you know what are you
worried about you see they don’t believe
their own teaching you know and people
say well I can hardly wait to see Yeshua
and and then the moment they get sick
pray for me that I can stay a little
longer something’s wrong with the teaching we
don’t believe that fairytale you see and
Hashem has no face to see you’ll never see
Hashem except through you and me because
Hashem is all over the universe and you
hear Hashem when you hear a bird sing or
when you hear a baby cry or when you
hear a baby laugh you’re hearing the
echoes of Hashem’s voice this is too simple
give me rules and regulations so I can
break them we don’t understand the real
depth of Hashem we don’t understand the
love and the simplicity if ever you are
tormented put it down it’s fear it’s
fear Hashem is not fear Hashem is love and
love casts out all fear it says perfect
love it means it has matured in you see
it has to mature in us most people most
people don’t allow it to mature they
just keep it in that baby stage what
they like to represent Hashem as judgment
you know because that gives me a sense
of power and then also waiting for the
second coming of Yeshua so I can be when
he comes caught away in the air
and then all the rest of you people
suffer you didn’t listen to me I was
telling you all along and now I’m going
to be carried away and the rest of you
are going to that’s what we hear that’s
what we hear we missed the whole meaning
of it the whole meaning of it and as I
told you before Yeshua is safer staying
in heaven wherever you would land it
would create a problem if he would have
land in Israel right now as they believe
he will on the Mount of Olives
I’m sure the Arab world will totally
accept it and if Yeshua were to land in
America or Russia come on a name where
would be a safe place for Yeshua to go if
he went among the Arabs would Israel
believe it would we believe it I mean
Yeshua stay right there
it’s safer and if he would have come
right now right this second wrath what
would he do that would be different than
he did the first time if it would be
different than he did the first time
that means everything he said the first
time was not true either what he said
was the answer or it’s not the answer
either what he taught is the antidote or
it’s not the antidote to human ills to
human hatred to human prejudice to human
violence why are we violent oh that’s
another subject if we are the image and
likeness of Hashem where this evil come
from that’s why we had to invent another
being so I can remain innocent you know
Oh what is his name
exactly thank you that’s who I was
thinking of Flip Wilson you know that
old devil well we do bless his heart
what will we do without the devil we got
to blame somebody
we’re in the blame games One Nation
blames another nation Iran’s constantly
blaming us and we’re blaming others and
we’re blaming Obama and we’re blaming
the Republicans we’re blaming the
Democrats and we’re blaming this one and
when you’re in your relatives you’re
blending this aunt this uncle and this
so-and-so blame blame blame blame blame
that’s the blaming game isn’t it
am I too nosy this morning
religion has got to get us where we live
and not where we pretend to live but
where we really live in our thinking in
our expression and in our emotions
there’s only one answer turn to me and
know that I Am he who loves knows I Am.

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