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Anshei Yisroel

Acts3 12 And when Kefa saw this, he answered the people, preaching, “Anshei Yisroel, why are you bewildered at this or at us? Why are you gazing as if it were by our own ko’ach or chassidus that this man has become able to walk? 13 “Hashem, Elohei Avraham V’Elohei Yitzchak V’Elohei Ya’akov, the G-d of Avoteinu, […]

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Come out of the world

Torah life ministries come out of the world Transcript Messiah people see the truth hello everybody says Paul needs to match our life ministry I want to make a video today proving to people that Paul supported and and kept the law of Yahweh found in the Torah and told others to do that so […]

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The Apostle Paul Lived and Died as a Dedicated Jew

But what about Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles? It’s generally accepted that Paul was the true founder of a new religion called Christianity. Biblical scholar Gerd Ludemann, author of several books about Jesus and Paul including “Paul: Founder of Christianity,” affirms that “Without Paul there would be no church and no Christianity.” Ludemann adds, […]