Scrolls, Scripture, Interpretation 1-3

23rd Annual Bible & Archaeology Fest

Meeting Online via ZOOM

October 24 and 25, 2020

Bible Fest 2020

Caves and Scrolls: The Story of Qumran

Sidnie White Crawford, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The numerous scrolls found in the 11 caves near Khirbet Qumran are both ancient religious texts and archaeological artifacts. Taking into consideration their archaeological and textual evidence, you’ll hear the history of the settlement at Khirbet Qumran by discussing the Qumran caves, the buildings, and the scrolls. Find out who owned the scrolls, and why were they put into caves.

REGISTER TODAY for our 23rd Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest, and you’ll have first-hand access to this live lecture by Dr. Sidnie White Crawford, Willa Cather Professor of Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism emerita at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Visiting Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Prof. Crawford is an internationally recognized scholar in the areas of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible. To sample a BAS archived lecture with Dr. Crawford, click “What Do the Dead Sea Scrolls Teach Us About the Bible?”

Two full days of live talks via Zoom from expert biblical scholars and archaeologists. Join in via computer, tablet, or phone this October 24-25, wherever you have internet. Sign in, and share in the new finds and new analysis, advancing understanding and new debates in the field of biblical archaeology. Below see our other exciting speakers:

· John Ahn, Howard U., “Returns of Diaspora Judean Communities in the Fifth Century BCE”

· Marc Brettler, Duke U., “The Bible with and Without Jesus”

· Jennie Ebeling, U. of Evansville, “Expectation vs. Reality: Great Fails in Biblical Archaeology”

· Bart Ehrman, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “Did Jesus Believe in Hell?”

· Mark Goodacre, Duke U., “Who Wrote the Fourth Gospel?”

· Ralph Hawkins, Averett U., “Early Israel’s Ammonite Wars”

· Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt U., “The Bible with and Without Jesus”

· Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan U., “So You Thought You Knew About the Philistines? How Our Understanding Has

Changed in the Last 20 Years”

· Carol Meyers, Duke U., “Holy Land Archaeology: Where the Past Meets the Present”

· Eric Meyers, Duke U., “Rediscovery of the Holy Land”

· R. Steven Notley, Nyack College, “What Language(s) Did Jesus Speak, and What Difference Does It


· Steven Ortiz, Lipscomb U., “The Political Expansion of the United Monarchy based on Recent

Archaeological Research”

· Cynthia Shafer-Elliott, William Jessup U., “Women in Ancient Israel”

· James Tabor, U. of North Carolina at Charlotte, “When Prophecy Fails-The Dynamics of Biblical

Messianic Apocalypticism”

· Joe Uziel, Israel Antiquities Authority, “The Capital of Judah In Its Early Days: New Thoughts and


All of this will be accessible to you live from your computer via Zoom. Plus, if you miss any segments, you will have until November 5 to watch recordings from the event.

Bible and Archaeology Fest is the signature event of the Biblical Archaeology Society, where scholars bring dedicated enthusiasts the latest finds and discussions of bible, archaeology and Bible history. Join us October 24 and 25. SIGN UP TODAY!