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Mentioning “Mashiv Ha’Ruach”

We Begin Reciting “Mashiv Ha’Ruach”“Mashiv Ha’Ruach U’Morid Ha’Geshem” is a praise we recite to Hashem during the winter months within the “Mechayeh Ha’Metim” blessing of the Amidah as is printed in all Siddurim. We begin reciting “Mashiv Ha’Ruach U’Morid Ha’Geshem” in the Mussaf prayer of Simchat Torah (outside […]

Calendar Confusion

1Calendar ConfusionWritten by Todd D. BennettMarch 1, 2015 (Gregorian Date) The Scriptures tell us that “in the beginning” Elohim created the heavens and theearth. We then read about the creation of time known as a day, which then led to a sevenday period known as a week. Up […]