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Tisha b-Av

“Tisha b-Av”The following blessing is said in place of the regular “Dwell within” blessing: “Have mercy O MAR’ YAH our ALLAHA, upon us and upon Israel Your people, and on Jerusalem Your city, the city of mourning and desolate destruction, which is given over to the hand of foreigners, sitting with her head veiled like […]


Parshas Matos

Moshe spoke to the heads of the tribes (MATOS) of the children of Israel, saying: This is the thing (Davar) HASHEM has commanded. If a man makes a vow to HASHEM or makes an oath to prohibit himself, he shall not degrade his speech (D’varo); according to whatever came out of his mouth, he shall […]

Matot-Masei post

Parashat Matot-Masei / פרשת מטות־מסעי

Mattot–Mas’ei Haftarot according to the Yemenite RiteMas’ei Isaiah 1:1­20 Yeshayah 1:1-20 Orthodox Jewish Bible 1 The chazon (vision) of Yeshayah ben Amotz, which he saw concerning Yehudah and Yerushalayim in the yamim of Uziyahu, Yotam, Achaz, and Yechizkiyahu, melachim of Yehudah. 2 Hear, O Shomayim, and give ear, O Eretz, for Hashem hath spoken; I have nourished […]