CHAPTER FIVETHE GIVING OF TORAH AT MT. SINAI.THE RESULTS OF EVERY HOUR A JEW LEARNS THEHOLY TORAH, AND FEELINGS OF CLOSENESS TOHASHEM RESULTING FROM TORAH STUDY[INCLUDING SOME ASPECTS OF BELIEF IN HASHEM] The giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai is described at length inthe Torah in parshat Yitro – see the text inside for full detail. It isimpossible to elaborate here about this; however … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV LESSON 5


THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF TORAH STUDY AND MITZVOTIN THE UPPER WORLDS, THE BENEFITS FOR THE JEWISHNATION AND HOW A PERSON MUST AWAKENHIMSELF TO SERVE HASHEM, THEREBY HELPING THEJEWISH PEOPLE It is clear from the holy Zohar and other Kabbalistic booksthat apart from our world, Hashem created many countlessmultitudes of worlds and higher spiritual energies. Through themitzvot and good deeds of the Jewish nation, these worlds arebuilt … Continue reading DIVREY YA’AKOV LESSON FOUR

The Gospel of Q

The following translation has been committed to the public domain and may be freely copied and used, changed or unchanged, for any purpose. Q is the designation given to a hypothetical sayings source that many scholars believe was incorporated into the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. Though some notable scholars have questioned the theory, others have proposed reconstructions of Q based on a careful comparison … Continue reading The Gospel of Q