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This book is definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to learning about the truth, it certainly helps you grow closer to the higher world and prepares you clearly understand your role and role of humans in regards to the Creator and its creation and what is expected from us for the Tikun Olam (Fixing the world), Not a book to read as a novel, it is meant to be studied and follow its guidance.

Authored by the renowned holy Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Addes, shlit a, Sefer “Divrei Yaakov Pirkei Machshava” ignites the spark in every Jewish heart to achieve love of Hashem, to cleave to Him and to His holy Torah, and to fulfill His commandments on their loftiest levels. This work emphasizes the intrinsic greatness of each and every Jewish soul, lovingly fashioned by the Hands of the Master of the World in the exalted heavenly spheres.
A special chapter discusses the significance of maintaining Kedushah (holiness) in every step of life, and a Jew s capacity to attain indescribable spiritual greatness and cleave to Hashem by enveloping himself in holiness and guarding his eyes against impure sights. Other chapters include a fascinating discussion of child-rearing and present foundations for educating children and developing their unique talents through consistent positive reinforcement that spurs them to soar in the spiritual levels of Torah and fear of heaven and molds them into our nation s finest.
The fourth section in this work is written to Jews who face trials and tribulations in life, who have plummeted from the heights of joy and security in life to physical, material, and/or spiritual abysses. This chapter fortifies them emotionally and spiritually, granting them the understanding and appreciation of their true mission in this world.
Gate 1) Closenes to Hashem ,page 5
Gate 2) To Love the Torah , Page 96
Gate 3) Based on teachings of the Vilna Gaon page, 127
Gate 4) In the Ways of Ascent , page 153
Gate 5) The Pre-eminence of Holiness, page 349
Gate 6) How do you Illuminate the Soul, page 393
Gate 7) A Letter about Belief in Hashem , page 409
Gate 8) Difficult Circumstances, page 419
Gate 9) Traditional Education, page 456
Gate 10) Praying for the Beis Hamikdash, page 491
Dachey Avraham (Biography of Rabbi Avraham Addess), page 540