Our Declaration of Faith

Sha’ar Emet Aish d’Miltha Introductory Note: Igeret Yoseph is a short Epistle within the Sefer Avkadmonim composed by Mar Yoseph, a Bishop of the Assembly of Jerusalem in Persia, around 100 CE in an Aramaic dialect unique to the Assembly. The Igeret (Epistle) begins with the phrase “Sha’ar Emet Aish d’Miltha”, which means “Gate of Truth Fire of the Word”, and is followed with a single verse from the Sh’ma. The Igeret is oftentimes referred to as the “Sha’ar Emet”.

Sha’ar Emet Aish d’Miltha

Hear, Israel! Mar-Yah is our Elah Mar-Yah is One.

The word of Adonai came unto me in order for me to write to you, my beloved brethren in the wilderness. I have been informed concerning your plight amongst the false ones who follow after the teachings of the evil priestly one. He can do no harm to you should you obey the words of the teacher of righteousness, the righteous one chosen by Elah to sit upon the Throne of Ya’aqub.

It is necessary that the talmidim of Eashoa remain steadfast in the Way, and to never introduce doubt into their hearts or minds because they heard a false report from those who follow the evil priestly one. With confidence the talmidim shall proclaim that the faith of Eashoa is true and is perfect, which the Alahota sent into the world through Mar-Yah Eashoa, is that which Ya’aqub has preserved. Therefore, the talmidim must be steadfast in the Faith of Eashoa which is only found in the Assembly of Jerusalem, which belongs to Him forever.

This a talmid shall declare with boldness and confidence each day the teaching:

I declare myself to be a servant of Mar-Yah Elah.

I declare myself to be one who worships the one and only Mar-Yah Elah who is Eashoa Mshikha.

I declare myself to be one who guards our Most Holy Faith from any attack by its enemy.

I declare my intentions to be steadfast in the belief of One Elah who is made known through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Three Aspects in One Supreme Alahota.

I declare my belief in the Son of Elah, Eashoa Mshikha, the only Son of Elah.

I declare my belief in the prophecy of Mosha and the truth of Torah given through him.

I declare my belief in the written Word of Elah the Scriptures given to Mosha and to the Prophets and in the Gospel of Eashoa Mshikha bar Elah.

I declare my belief in the Fire of the Word of Elah.

I declare that I will resolutely never permit the Fire entrusted to me as a servant of Elah to be extinguished as long as there is breath within my body.

I declare my rejection of those who encroach upon all that is sacred in the Holy Land.

I declare that the traditions and teachings given to us through the Chosen Twelve shall continually be within my heart and on my lips, for it was they who gave us, through Maran Eashoa: baptism, confession to Elah and to man, the doctrine of the Twelve, the sacred ministry, anointing by the sacred oil of Mar-Yah, the gathering together to break the Holy Bread of the Presence, raising up of the Cross before my eyes and before the peoples, assistance and prayer with anointing with oil of those who fall into illness, and observance of and devotion to the Word of Fire of Elah.

I declare my belief in the life filled with shalom, and I will not take up the sword against my brother. I declare my belief in the Revelation of Elah through His servants the angels and spirits for the good of all mankind and in the progress to the Great Light of Elah.

I declare my belief in observing Torah given to Mosha and ratified by being sealed in the blood of the Lamb.

I declare that I will resolutely honour and defend the Chair of Mosha and the Throne of Ya’aqub and the Presence of the Archangel Michael through the continuation of the Twelve Holy Apostles who are continuously with us. Amen.

Be mindful that it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the Faith by righteous rule, and to faithfully practice obedience to the commands of the one who sits on the Throne of Ya’aqub; and every work that the talmidim perform, the work shall be performed by the authority of the one who sits on the Throne of Ya’aqub. For those talmidim who are faithful in their obedience to the Throne of Ya’aqub are obedient to the mitzvoth of Maran Eashoa Mshikha, who is our great and awesome Elah, who chooses the man to sit upon the Throne of Ya’aqub and to rule over the people of Elah in righteousness, to serve as the high priest on earth for the people of Elah, under our great High Priest Eashoa, who is our Messiah.

My brethren, do not go after the way of the gentiles, for they worship demons and false deities. And do not go after the way of the false ones who call themselves Jews, for they worship things they do not know, calling Elah many things, in many bodies. The false ones calling themselves by the name of the House of Israel follow after the teachings of false priests who were led away into captivity into Babylon.

You are warned not to follow after the teachings of the evil priestly one, for he and his servants bring error and confusion at the door of the House of Israel, and he must be repelled by the pure and holy teaching of Maran Eashoa, which is given forth from the Throne of Ya’aqub and from the Chair of Mosha.

The evil priestly one is always cursed and is full of every sort of disease within his body and his organs are putrid and his urine is like that of the false deities attempting to spread their filth and evil scent among all the faithful remnant, and their organs shall die and be no more.

But as for each of you, you shall be faithful in hearing the words of the teacher of righteousness, he who sits upon the Throne of Ya’aqub, for he teaches us the Word of Elah, as revealed in the Scriptures, and in the way of our people, and in the revelation from heaven, for this is the Fire of the Word of Elah. Always be faithful in these three.

Nothing polluted shall come into your homes and nothing that is idle shall come into your mind. Sing psalms of joy to Mar-Yah each day: morning, evening and at noon with gratitude for the Fire of the Word of Elah, and may it always be burn strong within your heart. For he who permits the Fire of the Word of Elah to be extinguished from his heart shall have no part in the World to Come, unless he repents under great pain in the darkness of the first plane of Gehenna and is permitted by the grace of Elah to walk across the bridge into rest.

Mar-Yah is Sovereign in Heaven; Mar-Yah Eashoa is the Lord of Hosts. Praise be to Him who sits above the waters and preserves the Truth. Ascribe to Him righteousness. All you angels and all you servants, sing to Him with a loud voice: Hallelu-Yah!

Signed by my hand,

Around 100 CE

Derekh d’Kehilla