Sephardic Links


Anusim (Crypto-Judaism)

List of Sephardic surnames
Spain published the first list of names that will be used to give  citizenship to descendants of Sephardic.  According to the rules, people with these surnames, which are Jewish and belong to a community organization recognized qualify for citizenship. There are 5,220 names on the list.This list of names is also for you who want to find  their inheritances Sefardíesy not having the purpose to mislead anyone to change their espirituales or religious beliefs.

Center for Crypto-Jewish Studies & Hispanic-Jewish RelationsDR. ROGER MARTINEZ-DAVILA: SPECIALIST IN CRYPTO-JUDAIC STUDIESCrypto Jews Journal

What is a “Sephardic Jew”?

Sephardic Migrations

Genealogical and Files of the Inquisition Search

Brooklyn family keeps Latino Jewish traditions alive

Jewish roots among Latinos

The Secret Jews of Calabria

The Last Marranos

Jewish Surnames

Kurso de ladino ללמוד לאדינו Ladino Course New

Crypto Judaic

Sephardi/Mizrahi Studies Caucus

Society for Sefardic Studies
history and culture of the Jews of Sefarad and their descendants

More Links Resources
Children of the Inquisition


Jewish Gen


Abq & Crypto-Jewry 

Abq Jewish History

Jewish New Mexico  Books 


Spanish Synagogue Córdoba 

Spanish Synagogue Prague 

Spanish Synagogue Barcelona

El Transito Synagogue and Sephardic Museum Toledo

Customs of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London

Sephardic Traditions
Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture History of the Jews in Spain

13 Principles of Faith Rambam Audio

 Nahmanides and Solomon ben Adret

Spain Sephardic laws and customs

Keter Shem Tob Rites and Ceremonies The Liturgical and Variants of the Sephardim of the East and West  

Maimonides Works

A Rose of the Valley (Compilation of the Laws of Family Purity according to the Sephardic Custom)

Naphillath Panim (An In-Depth Background Study & Historical Analysis on Qidah and Hishtahawaya)

Foundations of Sephardic Spirituality

Ben Ish Chai Halachot

Sephardic literature

ARTICLES (published in the journal ‘Los Muestros’)

Genealogy & Other Links  Sephardic

Worship Mob worship

Yeshua (Jesus) Kadosh (Holy) ! Ancient Assyrian Aramaic Prayer

Assyrian Prayer Ancient Assyrian Aramaic Prayer

Ted Pearce – Zealous over Zion worship

Messianic songs mostly in hebrew worship

London Sephardi Music worship

Una Hija tiene el Rey – Sephardic Music Festival 

Song of the Sepharadim  שירת הספרדים

Música Sefardí

Sephardic Jewish Arabic Moroccan Gitano Flamenco song & dance Al-Andalus

Andalusian-Arabic Music from Spain

Spanish arabic fusion music-oud vs guitar

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