ADV Parashat Tazria-Metzora

Parshas תזריע begins with a woman who gave birth. This is read in the appropriate time, since כלל ישראל was born as a nation on Pesach. If the woman gave birth to a son, there is a seven day טומאה period, similar to a Nida. Then the son has a Mila, her טומאה ends, and then there is a thirty three days of טהרה, after … Continue reading ADV Parashat Tazria-Metzora

ADV Parsha Shmini

שמיני בס”ד In a leap year, the Parsha read usually after Pesach is אחרי מות, which also speaks of the passing of נדב ואביהוא. The number of pesukim in Parshas שמיני is ninety one, and the סימן given is עבדיה. The truth is, the concept of שמיני and of עבדיה are opposites, the eighth being עולם השכר or ימות המשיח, and עבד- יה is the … Continue reading ADV Parsha Shmini

ADV Parsha Tzav

The Rishonim say that the connection between Parshas צו and Pesach, is that in Parshas Tzav, we learn of the mitzvah of הגלת כלים. All the flour offerings throughout the year, except the קרבן תודה (ten out of forty loaves), which was not a חיוב, and the שתי הלחם on שבועות were of matza- לא תאפה חמץ . In the בהמ”ק, there was a taste … Continue reading ADV Parsha Tzav

Expanding our understanding

The word bina is related to the word livnot, meaning “to build”, for this is the essential quality of bina. The abstract, non-dimensional, incomprehensible point that represents chochma is expanded and built into a three-dimensional structure, sometimes compared to the physical dimensions of length, breadth, and depth. In the context of sefirot they signify three aspects of bina, each with its own unique relationship to the other sefirot. 1) The “depth” of bina is the aspect of bina which … Continue reading Expanding our understanding

ADV Parashat Vayikra

ויקרא בס”ד Parshas ויקרא is referred to as תורת כהנים, the most difficult of the five חומשים. The months of Elul and Adar are sister months, both the last months of the year- אלול is ר”ת איש לרעהו ומתנות לאביונים, where in Adar, we’re involved with performing this mitzvah. In Elul we read of מחיית עמלק in כי תצא, and in Adar in פרשת זכור. … Continue reading ADV Parashat Vayikra

ADV Parasha Vayakhel/Pekudei

The שבת of ויקהל פקודי usually connectsאדר toניסן , Purim to Pesach- נסמך גאולה לגאולה. Nisan is the month that the yidden were redeemed and will be redeemed. In ויקהל, Moshe gathered all the yidden and began teaching them the לט מלאכות. Shabbos was taught before this, but not the מלאכות. The Midrash says that Moshe would gather the yidden every Shabbos, hinting to the … Continue reading ADV Parasha Vayakhel/Pekudei

ADV Parashat Ki Tisa

בס”ד כי תשא Parshas כי תשא has many hints to the י”ט of Purim. In פסוק ל:כג, one of the main spices of the שמן המשחה is mentioned- בשמים ראש מר דרור, where Unkeles translates as מירה דכיא, which more or less make up the name מרדכי. In pasuk כט, describing this שמן המשחה, Rashi uses the words כי כן יסד המלך, a phrase from … Continue reading ADV Parashat Ki Tisa

ADV Parashat Terumah

Between שקלים שבתand זכור פרשת there is a הפסקה, so that Moshe could internalize what he already received. The main theme of the Parsha is ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכם Hashem created this lowly world in order to have a דירה בתחתונים. This is Hashem’s desire, his רצון, which is above דעת. We have to make ourselves into a receptacle for the שכינה to dwell, and thus fulfilling the ושכנתי בתוכם, in the hearts of every yid. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Terumah

ADV Parsha Mishpatim

שבת שקלים משפטים בס “ד Parshas משפטים is jammed packed, besides the many mitzvos that are written in it. This Parsha is the conclusion, the נעילה of the ימי השובבים, in a regular year. It is also the first of the four Parshios that are read surrounding the great י”ט of Purim- שקלים. It is also שבת מברכים אדר, that prepares us for פורים. At … Continue reading ADV Parsha Mishpatim

ADV Parashat YISRO

A world of knowledge and information to help you grow and share your faith. בס”ד יתרו The purpose of creation was for כלל ישראל to receive the Torah. The question is why is this momentous Parsha, named יתרו? And why was Yisro זוכה to have the Parsha of מתן תורה named after him? Parshas Yisro and פרשת משפטים are very connected as both speak of … Continue reading ADV Parashat YISRO

ADV Parashat Bo 5781 / פרשת בֹּא

בס”ד בא The month of שבט is מסוגל for התחדשות in Torah, since Moshe began a new revelation of משנה תורה, beginning on ר”ח שבט, and preparing the yidden for their entry into א”י. In פרשת בא, the yidden become a nation, an independent entity, revealing בני בכורי ישראל, at the same time that the first born of the Egyptians are dying. Rav Tzadok among … Continue reading ADV Parashat Bo 5781 / פרשת בֹּא

ADV Parashat Va’era

בס”ד וארא ע”נ יהודה בן חזקיהו נלב”ע “ג שבט תשס”ה The first pasuk of וארא makes a switch from וידבר to ויאמר, and from אלה-ים to הויה. Rashi says that Hashem is speaking harshly- לשון קשה to Moshe, due to his complaining when he said למה הרעתה לעם הזה, after which Hashem’s compassion took over and a softer tone- לשון רכה, was used- ויאמר. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Va’era