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Hebrew edition (with dictionary link and other useful tools) Tanach with Mikraot Gedolot Parallel Hebrew and English Tanach Judaica Press Complete Tanakh with Rashi (in English) Rashi Ramban Sforno Rashbam (first version) Rashbam (second version) Yaakov ben ha-Rosh Kitzur Alshich Chizkuni Rav David Tzvi Hoffman Bereishit Devarim Ketav v’Kabbalah Bereishit & Shemot […]

Adv Zohar Eikev

             11. Meditation over a blessing We learn that it is a commandment to bless God, and that these blessings draw down the blessings from the supernal world – they draw life from the source of life. The blessing is like a gift to God […]

Matot Adv

11. The world is maintained by two colors only Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Yitzchak talk about the wise-hearted women that spin and work with their hands, and from this they derive that those women combine Judgment and Mercy. We hear that Rabbi Elazar said that every woman is […]

The Ten Words

And The Breaking of The Luchot Exodus 20:1-14 (2) I the LORD am your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of bondage: (3) You shall have no other gods besides Me. (4) You shall not make for yourself a sculptured image, or […]


“Earth” is equivalent to the sefirah of Malkhut, which is associated with the earth. Therefore earth – like Malkhut – represents the Oral Law. And the Oral Law is the source of the spirit of every living being, as the verse states: “Let the earth bring forth living […]

Ritual Failure and Circumcision in Paul

Warning and disclaimer Our Sages unanimously agree that circumcision is a must legally as in to Cut a covenant, Make a Covenant (karath beriyth) for the nation of Hashem. J Study New Testam. 2017 Sep; 40(1): 73–100.Published online 2017 Aug 4. doi: 10.1177/0142064X17723488PMCID: PMC5732587PMID: 29278265In Search of Real Circumcision: […]

Parashat Mishpatim

Parshas משפטים is jammed packed, besides the many mitzvos that are written in it. This Parsha is the conclusion, the נעילה of the ימי השובבים, in a regular year. It is also the first of the four Parshios that are read surrounding the great י”ט of Purim- שקלים. […]

ADV Parsha Beshalach

 שבת שירה  בשלח בס”ד   The number of pesukim in בשלח is 116, the סימן being יד אמונה, based on the pasuk ויהי ידיו אמונה עד בא השמש. Moshe’s hands were spread out in ‘faith’. However there were still doubts in אמונה, by the yidden, as they were on the 49th level of טומאה […]

Advanced Parsha 08 – Vayetzei Zohar

1 “And Ya’akov went out from Be’er Sheva…”In this section of secret Torah teachings, Rabbi Chiya discusses the symbolism and meaning of Ecclesiastes’ resonant verse, “The sun also rises,and the sun goes down, and hastens to its place where it rises again.” The verse refers to Ya’akov, when […]