ADV Parashat Va’era

בס”ד וארא ע”נ יהודה בן חזקיהו נלב”ע “ג שבט תשס”ה The first pasuk of וארא makes a switch from וידבר to ויאמר, and from אלה-ים to הויה. Rashi says that Hashem is speaking harshly- לשון קשה to Moshe, due to his complaining when he said למה הרעתה לעם הזה, after which Hashem’s compassion took over and a softer tone- לשון רכה, was used- ויאמר. The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Va’era

Adv Parashat Shemot / פרשת שמות

בס”ד שמות Sefer שמות begins the six week (or eight week, in a leap year) period, known as שובבים, which is the acronym of the six first פרשיות. This word comes from ירמיהו where it’s written, says the שלה הקדוש and others, שובו בנים שובבים. It’s written that ימי השובבים are equated with יה”כ- בעשור לחודש=926=תיקון שובבים.Similar to חנוכה, this מנהג of שובבים, was revealed … Continue reading Adv Parashat Shemot / פרשת שמות

ADV Parsha Vayechi

 ויחי  בס”ד Parshas ויחי completes ספר בראשית which is also called ספר הישר and the ספר יצירה. This is a פרשה סתומה  where Rashi gives two reasons why. When Yaakov was נפטר, the eyes and hearts of כלל ישראל were closed, and when יעקב wanted to מגלה the קץ, it was נסתם ממנו. The fact that יעקב wished to reveal the קץ, means that this … Continue reading ADV Parsha Vayechi

ADV Parashat Miketz מקץ

The מדרש brings from איוב the phrase קץ שם לחשך, which means an end to the darkness. Yosef comes out of prison, the dungeon he was in for ten years. As we saw before, חשך stands for the Greek empire, which also came to an end with the נס of חנוכה. This is always the פרשה of שבת חנוכה =קץ חשך-518= להדליק נר חנוכה.Theארי says … Continue reading ADV Parashat Miketz מקץ

ADV Parashat Vayeshev / פרשת וַיֵּשֶׁב

The פני מנחם, the Gerrer Rebbi, says that the Parshiot of בראשית which we read in the colder winter months, are ‘clothed’ with the secrets of Torah. The Opta Rav, the אוהב ישראל, says that the first letters of וישב יעקב בארץ מגורי is יבום , which is a tikun for the נשמה that passed away w/o children. This is the Parsha of יבום .The … Continue reading ADV Parashat Vayeshev / פרשת וַיֵּשֶׁב

ADV Parsha Vayishlach

וישלח בס”ד In וישלח which is the eighth Parsha, the end of the Parsha speaks of the eight kings of אדום. After the reign of these eight kings, כלל ישראל had their eight kings כשזה קם זה נופל from the prophesy to Rivka ולאם מלאם יאמץ. Yaakov is working on a diplomatic solution to abate Esav’s hatred, and so he sent 550 or 580 animals … Continue reading ADV Parsha Vayishlach

ADV Parsha Vayetze

     ויצא         בס” ד  There is no פתוחות or סתומות in Parshas ויצא which is a רמז that Yaakov is going into Galus. At the end of the Parsha, Yaakov is coming back, and in the middle of the Parsha, Yaakov is dealing with Lavan. This is the place in the Torah that לשון ארמית entered the Torah, of course with רצון ה”. Lavan calls the place of … Continue reading ADV Parsha Vayetze

ADV Toldos/Chanuka

 תולדות  בס”ד   The תקוני זהר says that the first twenty four days of Kislev are כנגד the twenty four letters of the  ברוך שם כבוד, and Chanuka on כה כסלו is כנגד the twenty five letters in שמע ישראל.. Therefore we see that the entire month of כסלו is connected to חנוכה. Both סיון and כסליו are sister months, both times of קבלת התורה, and in both months … Continue reading ADV Toldos/Chanuka

ADV Parashat Chayei Sara

חיי שרה   בס”ד   Usually Parshas חיי שרה falls on the Shabbos that precedes חודש כסלו, כס the hidden light, the אור הגנוז, that was lit for לו, thirty six hours. In this Parsha, we encounter גן עדן. The זוהר חדש, the ילקוט ראובני and the   מגלה עמוקות all say that the מערת המכפלה was the פתח to גן עדן. When Avraham was chasing after the בקר, he entered … Continue reading ADV Parashat Chayei Sara

ADV Parsha Vayera

 וירא בס”ד       The laining of ר”ה is in Parshas וירא, and so we get a הארה of ר”ה on שבת וירא. Even though we are entering into the apparent ירידה of חשון, when there is no Yomim Tovim, there is a revelation- וירא. What bothers Rashi is why the pasuk says that the revelation was in  אלני ממרא, when we know that Avraham was there? Why … Continue reading ADV Parsha Vayera