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Shenei Luchot HaBerit, Torah Shebikhtav, Sefer Vayikra, Torah Ohr, Kedoshim 97 Instead, the land should enjoy a Sabbath “on which one could eat” (25,5-6). This is an allusion to the statement of our sages that he who toils on Sabbath eve will have what to eat on the […]

Lashon Hara

Lashon Hara I would like to bring attention to the issue of our speech. It seems there are cases where we openly attack other believers in the Messiah. Be they called Christians, Messianic Jews, Messianic Believers, Believers, we should not make disparaging comments about what they are called, […]

Ezekiel 37

Dry Bones from alegator21 on GodTube. The passage comes from an Old Testament prophecy, taken from Ezekiel 37. Not only is the text extremely descriptive and visual, lending itself to beautiful imagery, but show that where there is death and exile, hope and life can be found.