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Other jewish literature of the first century

1. OTHER JEWISH LITERATURE OF THE FIRST CENTURY 2.  EXTRA CANONICAL BOOKS  RABBINIC LITERATURE  JOSEPHUS  PHILO OF ALEXANDRIA 3. EXTRA-CANONICAL BOOKS • Everything of a biblical nature that is not included in the Bible is extra-canonical. These are:- a. Apocryphal writings b. Pseudepigraphal writings […]

Pirkei Avos Chapter 6, Mishna

The 48 Ways Chapter 6, Mishna 6, Introduction “Torah is greater than priesthood and kingship, for kingship is acquired with 30 qualities, priesthood is acquired with 24, whereas the Torah is acquired with 48 ways….” This mishna lists the 48 skills or qualities needed to “acquire” the Torah. […]

Are All Men Created Equal?

Pirkei Avos  Chapter 5, Mishna 15  Are All Men Created Equal? By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld “There are four types of students. One who is quick to understand and quick to forget — his gain is outweighed by his loss. One who is slow to understand and slow to […]

Pirkei Avos

Is Torah a Burden? Part II Chapter 6, Mishna 2(b) By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld “Rabbi Yehoshua ben (son of) Levi said, on every day a heavenly voice emanates from Mount Horeb, announcing: ‘Woe to them, the people, because of the affront to the Torah.’ For anyone who does […]

An Upside-Down World

Pirkei Avos “Yossi ben Yo’ezer used to say: Let your house be a meeting place for the sages, cleave to the dust of their feet, and drink thirstily their words.” An Upside-Down World Chapter 5, Mishna 27 By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld “Ben (son of) Hai Hai said, according […]

Challenges, Not Problems

Pirkei Avos Challenges, Not Problems Chapter 5, Mishna 14 By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld “There are four types of temperaments. One who is quick to become angry and quick to calm down — his gain is outweighed by his loss. One who is slow to become angry and slow […]