Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews

TRANSLITERATION of Hebrews 1:1-3.
B’chul min-wan oo b’chul dim-wan1 mal-lil Alla-heh um ava-hein b’n-wiy-yeh min qa-dim, oo b’ha-leen yoo-ma-theh khara-yeh ma-lil um-man b’Barreh.
De-leheh sam yar-thah d’chool-mid-dim, oo beheh aw-wid ull-meh.
De-haw-yoo ç’mah-kha d’shou-kheh oo çal-mah de-e-too-teh, oo akh-khid chool b’khai-lah d’Milteh2, oo haw be-qnumeh3 aw-wid doo-kha-yah de-khta-hein, oo ya-tiw al yam-meena d’rab-boota bim-roameh.

TRANSLATION of Hebrews 1:1-3
God spoke to our ancestors in every way, shape and form1 through the prophets of old, and in these last days, He spoke to us through His Son,
to Whom was consecrated the inheritance to everything, and by Whom He created the universes,
“So as they may be the yeast of His Son’s glory and in the image of His existence, and that he may muster all of them by the power of His Manifestation2, and it was with that Essence of His Trinity3 that He cleansed our sins, He Who sits from the right of the Supreme throne in the Highest.

FOOTNOTES to both sections.
1Ancient Aramaic idiomatic expression: “By all accounts and by all appearances.”
2Milta (Ancient Aramaic sacred word), reserved only for the Messiah Eashoa (Jesus.)
3Qnumeh. Ancient Aramaic sacred word: Trinity, (identified only in my translations of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures.)

NB! The word “Trinity” appears in the third verse of Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews. In no translation before mine has the word “Trinity” ever been identified. Paul is supposed to have written his Letters or Epistles in the Greek language. All the Western translations have been made from Greek. Perhaps this is why the word “Trinity” has been treated like a mystery. The word is right there in all the Ancient Aramaic manuscripts of the New Testament Scriptures of all the Eastern Churches. Why hasn’t anyone before me translated this word as the Trinity? To me this is proof that Paul’s Letters were written in the Ancient Aramaic. The word “Trinity” is too important a word to ignore. It must be identified and restored in the Bibles by all the Christian Churches if they truly believe that the Christian God is Triune.


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