Rain in his Prayer

Sefardi Beit Sefer

If One is Uncertain Whether or Not he has Requested Rain in his Prayer

In the previous Halachot we have discussed the basic Halachot of requesting dew and rain in the “Blessing of the Years.” We have likewise mentioned that if one has completed the Amida prayer and remembers that he has not requested rain, he must repeat the entire Amida prayer, for he is considered to have omitted a blessing from the Amida and thus not prayed at all. We shall now discuss the law regarding one who has completed the Amida and is unsure whether or not he requested rain in his prayer.

The Words of our Sages Regarding the “Routine of the Tongue”
Our Sages in the Talmud Yerushalmi (beginning of Masechet Ta’anit) teach us that when one is unsure whether or not he has requested rain in his prayer, until thirty days have passed, we must…

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