Request for Rain

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Question: Can One Accustom Himself to Recite the Request for Rain in the “Blessing of the Years”?

Answer: In the previous Halachot we have discussed the basic laws of requesting rain in the Amida prayer. We have also mentioned that one who completed the Amida prayer without requesting rain must repeat the entire Amida. If one is unsure whether or not he has requested rain in the Amida prayer, if this occurs within thirty days of beginning to request rain, we must assume that he did not do so and he must repeat the Amida prayer. However, if this occurs after thirty days, he need not repeat the Amida prayer, for we may assume that he has already become accustomed to the change in the prayer.

We must now discuss whether one has the option of accustoming himself to asking for rain such that if an uncertainty rises as to…

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