Private Matters

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Private Matters
Chapter 5, Laws 4-5
Law 4
“Even though one’s wife is permitted to him constantly, it is appropriate for the Torah scholar to act with holiness and not be found by his wife like a rooster, but rather from Friday night to Friday night (if he has the strength). And when he speaks with her (before having relations), he should not speak at the start of the night when he is sated and his stomach is full and not at the end of the night when he is hungry, but rather at the middle of the night when the food in his innards is digested.

“He should not be excessively lightheaded, nor should he speak vulgarly in empty matters, even in complete privacy (lit., ‘between him and her’). Behold, it states in our tradition, ‘He [G-d] tells a person what [was] his speech’ (Amos 4:13) [regarding which] the…

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