Touching Chametz on Pesach

Sefardi Beit Sefer

Dried Fruits and Touching Chametz on Pesach

Today’s Halacha is dedicated in memory of the seven Sassoon children who perished in the horrific blaze this past Friday night. The entire Jewish nation joins in the intense pain of this family. We at Halacha Yomit send our deepest condolences to the grieving family. May Hashem send a full and speedy recovery to the mother and daughter, Gail and Tzipporah, and may we soon be united with the departed once again through the Resurrection of the Dead. And, as the verse states regarding the death of Nadav and Avihu whom these pure children share their anniversary of death with: “And your brethren, the entire house of Israel, shall cry for the burning that Hashem has kindled.” —————————————————————- Question: In my parents’ home, we have customarily always abstained from eating dried fruits on Pesach. After my marriage, I have observed…

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