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Sefaria is pleased to announce the release of the Sefaria Haggadah. The Sefaria haggadah represents some of the greatest features Sefaria has to offer – bilingual texts, multiple commentaries, and how many individuals can work together to build something great.

  • To start, our basic Hebrew text of the Haggadah is from daat, however we did edit it carefully to correct typos, errors and omissions.
  • We commissioned the English translation from Francis Nataf.
  • There are eight, count ’em eight classic Haggadah commentaries. All were translated from Hebrew into English by Rabbi Mark Greenspan of the Oceanside Jewish Center, and then contributed by Rb. Greenspan to the public domain via the CC-BY license. The commentaries are:
    • Ephod Bad אפוד בד by Rabbi Benjamin David Rabinowitz, published 1872
    • Kimcha Davshuna קמחא דאבישונא by Rabbi Johanan Treves, published 1541
    • Kos Shel Eliyahu כוס של אליהו by Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Harun, published 1938
    • Maarechet Heidenheim מערכת היידענהיים by Rabbi…

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