A 2House Conclusion

2House Unavoidable Conclusion

And she conceived again, and bore a bat. And G-d said unto him, Call her shem Loruchamah (not pitied); for I will no more have pity upon Bais Yisroel; since I have been utterly betrayed by them [1K 2:10]. But I will have mercy upon the Bais Yehudah, and will save them by Hashem Eloheihem, and will not save them by keshet, nor by cherev, nor by milchamah, by susim, nor by parashim. Hosea1:6-7 OJB

Twice in the last couple days I have run into well-meaning individuals who denigrated the ‘Two House’ understanding of Scripture.

I realize, God has to open eyes and bring understanding, but at the same time, it is frustrating to deal with people who haven’t even taken the time to do something very simple:

-take a sheet of paper
-divide it into two columns
-label one column
‘house of Judah, Judah’
-label the other ‘house of Israel, Ephraim, house of Joseph’
-use a search engine to list uses of each term and list them
-with each reference, write down the attribute, action or judgment…
– where possible, note where terms are used in opposition or contradistinction, as in the image above
-note prophecies specific to one or the other as well as to both
-note what has been fulfilled, what has been partly fulfilled and what can’t possibly have been fulfilled.

Over and over in literally 100+ places the terms clearly identify two groups/peoples with two destinies that do not cross until the last days.  Set aside commentaries and traditions of men.  Ignore the competing voices both among rabbis, pastors and the eclectic mix of Hebrew Roots and Messianic leaders.  Have the audacity to ask the Holy Spirit to show you, then spend time with nothing but the Word.

Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own homework.

That being said, I believe you will come to an unavoidable conclusion, and suddenly you will see the theme woven into every book in Scripture!!!

Now, get to work…. 😉


Source: Two House… Unavoidable conclusion.