Gabriels Revelation

The inscription dubbed “Gabriel’s Revelation” is from the collection of David Jeselsohn of Zurich and Jerusalem, who lent the stone to the Israel Museum for the temporary exhibition. We continue to be grateful to collectors who allow their artifacts and inscriptions to be studied by scholars and shared with the public, especially when, like this one, they are helpful in understanding our common past.

IntroductionThe whole world is talking about an inscription known as “Gabriel’s Revelation.” IsraelMuseum curators have called itthe most important document found in the area sincethe discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.The script dates to the turn of the era—just like a Dead Sea Scroll. The inked writing islaid out in prepared columns—just like a Dead Sea Scroll. The text contains Bible-likeprophecies—just like some of the Dead Sea scrolls. But this document isn’t a “scroll” atall—it’s a stone slab!This eBook shares the two definitive publications on an artifact that has led Biblicalarchaeologists to reconsider ancient Jewish perceptions of messianic figures. Publishedjust in time for the Israel Museum exhibit“I Am Gabriel” A Scroll in Stone from theTime of Herod, this eBook provides translations and contexts for the artifact andcontemporary belief system

Cover photo: Zev Radovan/