1. When told about the spiritual value of learning Torah, the
    reaction of many students is to agree that it may well be true –
    “but we are on too low a spiritual level for it to apply for us,
    both because our learning standard is so low and because our
    relationship with Hashem is so poor.”
  2. They are sadly mistaken; they don’t realize that Hashem loves
    every single Jew very dearly. At every moment He is waiting for
    you to fulfill your spiritual obligations to serve Him in whatever
    way you are capable of. When you do learn Torah – at your own
    level – then you and your Torah are beloved in Hashem’s eyes to
    an extent that we cannot even imagine. Whether you are aware
    o f it or not. He is pouring His spiritual bounty down on to you.
  3. This is true of every sphere and every level of learning Torah,
    without any exceptions. In the Gemara it says that the world
    exists because o f ‫רבן‬ ‫בית‬ ‫של‬ ‫תינוקות‬ ‫של‬ ‫פיהם‬ ‫הבל‬ – the empty
    words that come from the mouths o f children o f the
    schoolroom, because their meaningless talk is untainted by sin.
    The Chafetz Chaim says that it refers to very young
    schoolchildren, and the level of Torah that they learn is not very
    high since they are too young to understand it properly. From
    this we can infer that learning Torah even at lower levels
    contains the spiritual elements of Torah-study.
  4. All the same, as explained by the Derech Chaim, the
    superiority of Torah learnt at a loftier level can not be denied.
    The more you understand o f what you learn, the more the
    Torah’s truth becomes clearer and more obvious to you. You will
    feel the Torah’s exalted light of spirituality shining through your
    soul with increased brilliance, and your contact with Hashem
  5. Even if his behavior causes a person to fall very low
    spiritually, ‫ח״ו‬, he can still learn Torah, and that Torah is very
    dear to Hashem. From some ‫ספרים‬ it might be understood that it
    is not so; – but see what is written in the ‫דאיגרתא‬ ‫קריינא‬ o f the
    ‫יעקב‬ ‫קהלות‬ on the subject: He explains in detail why it can not be
    that our Sages meant that a person on a low spiritual level
    should not learn Torah. It would not be right to suggest that if a
    person is experiencing a spiritual decline, the Torah he learns is
    not holy and blessed. Our Sages say that when a wicked man
    occupies himself with Torah, the radiance within it will bring
    him back on to the right track, in other words they are saying
    that the Torah’s radiance is present even in Torah learnt by
    sinful people.
  6. The Nefesh HaChaim too, writes to the effect that if someone
    finds himself struggling in the murky depths o f a sinful life, it is
    through learning Torah that he can get the spiritual strength he
    needs to escape from it. If he learns, Hashem will give him the
    spiritual strength to repent and put right the harm he has
    The conclusion, therefore, is that someone who ‫ו‬ ‫חי‬ feels that
    he is backsliding spiritually, is even more strongly obligated to
    intensify his Torah studies, and devote himself to it with all his
    might and in every way possible.
  7. It still remains true that the more righteous a person, the
    more his learning builds up his relationship with Hashem and
    brings his soul more of His exalted light. All the same, even for
    someone who is not so righteous, or going through a temporary
    spiritual depression, learning Torah is an extremely powerful
    force which actively draws him closer to Hashem and His exalted