ACTS 1: 8 Aramaic New Covenant


8 but when the Spirit of Holiness comes upon you

83 ’ela cn but, except, unless

793c kad adv when

219a ’eta vv bring, come

1652a ruha nn Spirit, wind

1543a qudsa nn holiness

1306a ‘al prp about, above, concerning, over, upon

you take power,

1530a qebal vv accuse, take

605a haila nn power, empowered

and you become my witnesses

486 hewa vv be, become, been, being

905 personal pronoun

1163b sahda vv witness

in Uri Shelem and over all Yah Hud

44 ’urislem pn Uri Shelem

853a kul nn all, every, everywhere

756a yihud pn Yah Hud

and also among the Shamraya

165a ’ap cn also, even, not even

244 bainai prp among, between

1801b samraya nn Shamraya

and until the consummation of the earth.

1260 edama adv until

1167c saupa nn end, consummation

209a ara nn earth

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